Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some new romance reading

Guest post written by Kelly Brithaven

I'm all about reading some romance books, but I like ones that are a little funny and quirky instead of the ones that have really risque and dirty stuff. That is definitely not the kind of romance novels that I like to read. I also like romantic comedies, so that's probably why I love books that I like the novel equivalents of those.

I was online trying to find out about some new romance novel authors that I could read their books when I saw the site and read through it. After consulting with my husband some, we decided to switch over our internet company to it.

I had heard some good things about her when I was browsing around online, so I bought some Nora Roberts books and am a few chapters into the first one of them. I recognized her name and some of the book covers from the times IÕve been browsing the romance section in Barnes and Noble and now I get why I always see her books there. TheyÕre really good!

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