Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monex Deposit Company

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We don't have a whole lot for Kaelyn to do in our backyard so this weekend we got out the pool. She loves to swim and it was so nice what better thing to do than that, right?! She loved it. We actually pulled the slide from her climber into the pool which she loved using to make a big splash. I think she could play for hours in's just so much fun. We got lots of pictures, but this is just one showing what a great time she was having! Smiles are contagious, don't you think?! A picture says a thousand words!!

Soon to be 2 years old!

In just a couple of days our little girl will be 21 months old already! Where does the time go?? It's crazy to think that she is nearing two years old...not only because of how fast time goes, but also because shortly after her second birthday we will welcome another member into our family. She's very excited about the baby and I know she will make such a wonderful big sister. She's so helpful and loving...her baby brother or sister is very lucky to have her as an older sibling! I can't wait to see how she reacts to having a little one around. Plan on seeing plenty of pictures once November rolls around. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Allegro Medical

When I became a mom, one of the first things I looked into was where I could find the most affordable medical supplies. I came to realize how important it was to have ever thing on hand...whether it be band aids or something else. I was happy to come across Allegro Medical, one of the largest independent online retailers of life enhancing products, like ensure, here in the US. They now serve over 1 million customers who are satisfied with their services. Whether it's medical supplies, exercise equipment, maternity/baby supplies or even outdoor gear...they have it all! I would definitely suggest taking a look at their website and products and see what you think. I have a feeling you'll be as impressed with them as I was.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Kaelyn is officially in a big girl bed now. I was a little nervous about how the transition from a crib to a bed would go...but our little girl has transitioned wonderfully! She loves her bed and is so proud of it. She wants to show everyone who comes to our house! She sleeps very well in too. We've had very few times when she gets out of bed for any reason. It's nice to have her transitioned...that way the baby will be ready for his/her crib when they arrive in November.


Why do weekends have to go by so quickly?? I always look forward to the weekend, and then they fly by. We had a great one, but I just wish it would have lasted longer. Friday my brother and his family were here visiting. Saturday we went to the parade and fireworks with my parents and brothers and then just enjoyed the rest of the day as a family celebrating my dad's birthday. It was great! This coming weekend sounds like it might be a busy one too...but i'm sure it will be fun!

Karisma Hotels

It's that time of year when many of us start thinking about taking a vacation. I know we are. One place we've looked into are the Karisma Hotels located on the beaches of the Mexican Riviera maya. They are a resort collection of properties that offers a new gourmet-inclusive concept. This is designed specifically for those who love food and you could say it's one of the things that really caught my attention and interest. They offer an elite level of service besides which would make for a very relaxing vacation. I was also impressed with the luxurious accommodations they offer and the great entertainment there as well. We haven't decided for sure, but it's definitely on our list of possible family vacation spots this summer.


Did you know that research has shown that a big reason why men and women gain weight is due to toxic build up?? I had NO idea! Don't get me wrong, I still think the best way to stay healthy is to eat right and exercise, but it could also be a good idea to rid some of the toxins out of our bodies as well. It was a very interesting article that I read and a completely new concept to me. Detoxifying supplements lare very popular among people right now. I am definitely going to have to read up on this further.


I always dread getting's not the kind of shopping I enjoy too much. It's always so expensive, but thankfully we've found ways to save on our grocery bill which has been great. There are so many helpful sites out there that have offer coupons of all kinds. We've been utilizing them and have seen quite the difference on our grocery bill. I don't know why we didn't take advantage of these sooner, but am so glad we are now!

Holsted Jewelers

Anyone who knows me, or has followed my blog for a while, knows that I love jewelry. That's why I was impressed when I learned more about Holsted Jewelers and their cubic zirconium jewelry. They have been running since 1971 and provide some beautifully designed jewelry, gifts and accessories to millions of satisfied customers. So, how do they continue to be so successful. Well, besides their high-quality and beautiful designer jewelry, they also believe in great customer service. Their first priority is the customers that come to them. If you'd like to learn more about Holsted Jewelers and their line of jewelry, I would recommend heading over to their site today for more information. It's only a click away!


I don't know about you, but one of the things I enjoy most when I get the chance is surfing the web and reading other blogs. Some might say that blogs need to focus on one topic to be worth the time of reading, but I do not agree. In fact, some of my favorite blogs are those that surprise me with the things they talk about. Most of all I enjoy when people speak of things that I can relate, children, parenting, etc. It's fun to read other's experiences and all that they have to say. What about you? What kinds of blogs do you enjoy reading??

Mom Blog

I have a new blog design on my mom blog. I'm very excited about it's definitely more professional and organized looking. I have many new giveaways running, and more to come in the very near future. If you haven't already, head over there and check it out. Take a moment if you would and let me know what you think. I'm very excited about where that blog is going and the direction it's taking. I hope you all enjoy it as well.


Anyone who has researched quality online education programs has probably come across the online college courses of Capella University, right?! They are a fully accredited online university that provides masters and undergraduate degrees. A school like this allows students to further their education while still being able to hold a full time job if needed. That's what I think is so great about online colleges! Their website is pretty neat too. They offer a lot of information for current and prospective students. My favorite is their "Inside Online Education" podcast that they update frequently. Their latest podcast features a discussion of state-approved reading and literacy program. What a great topic. If you'd like to learn more about this or their school in general....head over to their website today!

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A couple weeks ago we had our 20 week ultrasound. It was a lot of fun to see our little one again. It always makes everything seem that much more real. I look forward to meeting him/her in November. We decided not to find out what we were having. We like to be surprised. Many people think we're having a boy this time...but we'll just have to see. We don't care at all. Either a boy or a girl would be great!! We're very excited about our growing family and feel truly blessed!

Summer or Fall?

Is it summer or fall?? It sure feels like fall these days, even though the calendar says otherwise. I always look forward to summer...because most of our year is cold here in the midwest. Unfortunately this year has not been the greatest. We've had many cold days and lots of rain. It makes it kind of difficult to get out and enjoy the summer. I hope that the last part of summer warms up much more than the first part has. Kaelyn would love to be outdoors more, that's for sure!


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We had such a nice time in Cedar Falls a couple weeks back. We got to spend time with family and help my brother and his family move into their new place. It was great to see everyone and to have some time to relax. Kaelyn sure enjoyed seeing her little cousin. They're the same age so they have a lot of fun together!!! I hope we get the chance to hang out as a family more now that they are back. It's always nice to have family in the same state you live in.