Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am a girl who loves jewelry and one who has a hubby that enjoys buying it! He's very good at it too. Recently he got me some diamond earrings, but was also saying how he'd like to get me sapphires at some point too. I did a little looking on my own and found some amazing cubic zirconia earrings from Holsted Jewelers.

Holsted Jewelers offers fashionable and affordable merchandise for tastes of all kinds. I love that they have a wide assortment of great designs and styles. I like to have jewelry that not everyone else has and that's why the one of a kind jewelry found here is great for me. They are known for their service and their high standards which is just another reason of many that I'd love to do business with them.


I have a twin brother and we have quite a bit in common. We've kind of followed the same path in life, and many find our story to be quite interesting. We grew up obviously going to the same school with the same friends. We graduated at the same time, shared/share all of our birthdays and even went to the same college and graduated from there at the same time as well. The story gets more interesting after that though. We were married just 8 days apart and had our first children just 12 days apart. Last March we got a call from them that they were expecting their second baby...little did they know, we were too! Now we both have our second children and guess what...they were born just 12 days apart. Isn't that crazy?! We enjoy telling the story, it's pretty neat. I'm glad our kids will grow up so close in age.

Here's a picture of Kaelyn and her cousin Emry on their first Christmas together (2 years ago) and then Kaden and his cousin Israel on their first Christmas together (this year). Kinda fun to compare. My how time has flown.

Our Blessings!

Our little man is already over a month old...where does the time go? I found myself saying the same thing with Kaelyn too...but it's just so true. I can't believe that he is now officially out of newborn diapers, out of newborn clothes and already gained almost 4 pounds! He's becoming quite the big boy and is even rolling over. They are at that tiny stage for far too little of time. I miss it already. It is fun to see him growing and learning new things though. Recently he just started cooing more and smiling cute! Here's a pic of Kaelyn and Kaden from Christmas....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family Vacation

Having two kids now, we definitely need to start planning vacations which include a Kid friendly hotel. Before we didn't have to think of this, but as they continue to grow and get older, we need to find a place that offers things for them to do as well. I'm looking forward to this summer, as we've already started to discuss what we might do. I'm leaning toward Karisma Hotels, but my hubby wants to learn more about them first.

I think they'd be a great option because they are first of all, very beautiful and located right on the beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya. They offer an all inclusive gourmet concept which would be perfect for we love food! I also like the fact that they are known for their great service and fantastic, luxurious accommodations. We need a place that is not only fun, but relaxing, and from the sounds of it...Karisma Hotels would offer just that.