Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have a twin brother and we have quite a bit in common. We've kind of followed the same path in life, and many find our story to be quite interesting. We grew up obviously going to the same school with the same friends. We graduated at the same time, shared/share all of our birthdays and even went to the same college and graduated from there at the same time as well. The story gets more interesting after that though. We were married just 8 days apart and had our first children just 12 days apart. Last March we got a call from them that they were expecting their second baby...little did they know, we were too! Now we both have our second children and guess what...they were born just 12 days apart. Isn't that crazy?! We enjoy telling the story, it's pretty neat. I'm glad our kids will grow up so close in age.

Here's a picture of Kaelyn and her cousin Emry on their first Christmas together (2 years ago) and then Kaden and his cousin Israel on their first Christmas together (this year). Kinda fun to compare. My how time has flown.

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