Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Got A Wish?

With Christmas only a month away, people are really starting to get down to business with their Christmas shopping. I just found a great gift for anyone in your family. The CEIVAshare Digital Photo Frame, is a gift for all ages and genders. This photo frame is way different than any other digital photo frame. This photo frame can receive photos by photo or optional Wifi, which allows your pictures to stay current one your photos. With the Got a Wish Sweeepstakes, 29 people have the chance to win one of these one-of-a-kind picture frames. To get entered into this sweepstakes, all you have to do is go to and sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas, then get registered. It's that easy!! Who would have thought there would be a way as easy as this to win 500 dollars?!! Wow!

When I visited their site, I tried the Sit on Santas Lap Experience and it was great. I found it to be quite comical and fun! I also thought it was such an easy way to learn more about this great product and how I can enter to win in this sweepstakes. If you'd like to learn more about their site and what they're offering this holiday season...head over there today! You won't be sorry you did.


I love the holidays, but they sure are stressful sometimes. We have three different thanksgivings to go to tomorrow which makes for a very busy day. We will be gone much of the that means a lot of packing and planning as well. It's kind of stressing me out tonight as we get ready to leave tomorrow morning for our first meal of the day. I really love the family time we's just all the preparing that gets a bit overwhelming.

Diet Pills

Have you ever tried the different diet pills that are out there? I haven't, but hear a lot about them through ads on tv, online and in stores. It seems there are so many to choose from these days. I am not sure how a person even goes about choosing the best option for them, other than reading reviews and word of mouth. There are some great sites out there giving legit reviews about the different diet pills like Fentraphen for instance.

Smart Guy

Over the years I've become a bit better and figuring out things when it comes to the web and electronics in general. I was thinking about it the other day, and much of the knowledge I've gained comes from little brother. He's a wiz when it comes to all sort of things. Whether it be the Internet you have a question about or even something like digital signage...he has the answer. I think some people are just more interested in things like this and it comes easier to them.


YEAH!!!! It's wednesday!! I couldn't be happier! That means Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we all get to spend time with family and eat lots of great food! I am really looking forward to it. I know some may not agree...but so far this week for us has gone very slow!! That's why I am so thankful that we have a day together as a family tomorrow. Then Friday is a great shopping day! I can't wait! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cruiser Customizing

With the convenience of the Internet that we have today....we have the ability to find and buy almost anything imaginable with the click of a button. Many of us don't even have to hardly leave our homes anymore to do the shopping! It's even possible to find things like Motorcycle parts and accessories. I know this, because I came across today. They have a site that allows people to find all kinds of great products at reasonable prices. I suggest taking a look if you are interested in learning more about kuryakyn.

Almost Here!

During this holiday time I am reminded of my school and college days when I counted down the days until we had some time off from school. Now, even having been out of school for quite some time, I still find myself looking forward to the holidays and the break we all get from everyday life to spend quality time with loved ones.

It's that time of year and Thanksgiving is almost here! I am really looking forward to it! Being able to spend time with family and eat lots of yummy food....who could ask for anything better?!! There are many of our family members who we haven't seen in quite a it should be alot of fun. The holidays are always a very busy time, and this one is no exception. We have three Thanksgivings in one day! It will be a long, but very wonderful day! I can't wait!!

The excitement does not end there though. Friday, as I'm sure many of you know, is only the best shopping day of the entire year!! Scott will be working, but I am looking forward to taking the day to go shopping with Kaelyn and my parents. Saturday will be a relaxing that I plan on taking to get up our Christmas tree and all the decorations. YEAH! :)

I'm sure the time will go by quickly, as do many other weekends...but I still look forward to this time and all the excitement we have planned!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holsted Jewelers

I don't know about you, but I love Designer Jewelry! It's the holiday season, and since Scott asked me what I would like this Christmas, I started looking at the latest fashion trends in jewelry. I came across Holsted Jewelers and was quite impressed. They have been around since 1971 and offer amazing designed jewelry, gifts and other accessories to millions of customers who are completely satisfied with the products they get and the service. What I liked best about Holsted Jewelers is that they offer affordable products that everyone will love. If you're lookin gfor a beautiful selction of fashionable and unique jewelry then check out Holsted Jewelers today!

Make Money At Home

As a stay at home mom I obviously enjoy any thing I can do to make a little extra income each month. I wouldn't have to, but it's nice to make things more comfortable for us by bringing in a little extra cash. I have found a great way to do this through blogging for money. Many people I have talked to about this, who know nothing about it only have negative things to say. They either say it's "too good to be true" or that it sounds boring. I have to say that they're missing out! If you blog about things that interest you, and you're able to make money while doing my opinion that's a great job! I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity.

A Love for Reading

I love that Kaelyn enjoys reading. Whenever she is on the floor playing, she immediately goes for her basket of books that I have available to her. She has her favorites, but really she'll read anything that we set in front of her. She loves to point at pictures and even says some of the words that correlate with them. For months now she's been flipping the pages and actually looks through the book from one cover to the other. I am quite impressed with this and really hope that it's a sign she will have a love for reading someday.

Karisma Hotels

Doesn't a nice relaxing vacation sound great? Maybe cancun vacations?! I was recently online looking to find somewhere warm that we could travel this winter. I came across Karisma Hotels. Ever heard of them before? They are a resort collection located on the beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya. They offer a gourmet inclusive concept perfect for those who adore food! Between their luxurious accomodations and amazing location...this is a place that everyone will love. If you're looking for a relaxing where you'll find beach beds, bar swings, beach butlers that treat you like gold, hot tubs and more...this is the place you want to check out! I'm so glad that I did!!


I wish that just because it was Saturday that meant that we could relax....but that's usually not the case. We have lots of cleaning to well as other odd jobs around the house. Maybe tomorrow after church we'll get the chance to relax?!? I sure wish the weekends wouldn't go by so quickly. Or even better...I wish that they were longer. I can imagine we'd be able to get a lot accomplished and still have time to relax if that were the case.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Marriage Counseling

More and more we hear of marriages falling apart and ending in divorce. It's so sad. Everywhere
I turn it seems like there is a couple having troubles. Many of these couples probably have found themselves finding it difficult to communicate their problems with one another. After all...communication is so important in a marriage!! Seeing how divorce is rising I felt it necessary to share the National Institute of Marriage and their Marriage Counseling programs with you. Whether you are someone looking for help, or someone you is a place you may want to start.

I happened to come across this site and thought it was very informative...something anyone could use and find the information they're looking for. If you're interested....head over to their site for yourself and check it out. There you'll find information on counseling, conferences, books and so many other resources that may be helpful. It's very user friendly and everything you need is right there on the main page. See what you think and take a look at the following press release which offers further information:

With the national divorce rate around 50%, there is no doubt that many marriages run into communication problems at some point. There is a communication epidemic. The National Institute of Marriage has created marriage counseling programs and resources utilizing a structure that is the most powerful format they have found for helping couples who feel stuck and hopeless. They have designed several programs to help couples move past the barriers and experience the marriage of their dreams.
NIM's Intensive Marriage Counseling Programs are unique from weekly marriage counseling in three distinctive ways:

· Intensive Marriage Counseling Format: Committing to an extended amount of concentrated time like the 2 or 4 day Marriage Intensive allows people to get to the root of the problem and stick with it in order to work through it. If you’ve been in traditional marriage counseling before, you may have experienced how you spend the first half catching up from the week before, the second half getting into the real issues, and then the time is gone. The Intensive format is designed so that people have the chance to go deeper without many of the other distractions of daily life and have enough discuss to consider solutions.

· Efficiency: One of the first steps in the process is an extensive assessment with some questionnaires. This allows the therapists to gather background information and can get an idea of the best strategy to proceed before you arrive for your session.

· Marriage Counselors: The counselors at the National Institute of Marriage are specialists in this area. One analogy we like to use is that of the Mayo Clinic: people go to their regular physician but may be sent to a specialist to work with specific areas. The NIM marriage therapists have been trained in this format to maximize its effectiveness. Also, the NIM marriage counseling programs provide the perspectives and insight of two professionals rather than one.
If you are considering divorce, you must try the National Institute of Marriage before giving up. They have developed a continuum of care that meets couples wherever they may be in their relationship. Regardless of the health of their marriage they have a service that can help couples improve their marital satisfaction. Visit their website at Read the incredible testimonies from the couples that saved their marriages by attending a Marriage Intensive at the National Institute of Marriage.

Even When I'm busy... it already lunch time?! Where do the mornings go? I can't believe that half the day is already over. I feel like I haven't had time to hardly do anything but my work online. I have taken many breaks to play with Kaelyn though...that's always the best. She's in such a silly mood today...laughing a lot! :) Even when I'm busy and a little stressed with everything I need to do...Kaelyn always puts a smile on my face! She's such a sweetheart!

Denver Magazine

Have you ever visited Denver before? If so, you know the beauty of this city and all they have to offer. I recently learned that they actually offer a monthly feature which highlights Denver's local businesses, political and cultural news, information on movers, etc. The Denver Restaurants helps to keep readers informed on everything going on. I think it's great and wish more cities would do something like this. Whether your simply trying to become more up to date on what's going on or would like to find some of their wonderful dining places...this is the place you want to look. Check out their site for more information.

New Words

It's fun to hear Kaelyn say new things. Lately she's been saying lots of things that surprise us. For instance, she has this "fridge phonics" ABC thing that sings the ABC's, and lately when she pushes the button she actually says some of the letters along with it! At first we looked at each other wondering if that's in fact what she was saying...but sure enough after repeatedly doing it we found that she was! :) She has also been saying books (without the k) and ball. I'm sure every parent gets excited when their kids start saying new things. Sales

The holiday season is here and I've already been looking online at the ads available to see what some of the great deals are out there. Can you believe it's already that time of year?!? I can't. It hardly seems possible! I found some terrific sales at though and was super excited!! Have you checked out their site yet? If not, I strongly suggest you do! They are deals you won't want to pass up and are only good while quantities last! In looking through their online ad, which is very easy to find I might add, I found so many things that I would like to buy this holiday season. There were many things that stood out, but I would have to say a couple of the best deals were the 60% off outerwear & sweaters for the family and the extra 15% off all fine jewelry already 40%-70% off. These two sales alone cover a lot of holiday shopping I need to do, and may even allow me to find something for myself as well!

So, what are you waiting for? This is a one day only Doorbuster Sears Super Saturday Sale!! Don't pass up the chance to find great deals and head over to their site right away to see if these are sales you'd be interested in.


So Fun!

My day has already started off quite busy and it's only 9AM. I have quite a bit of work to do online, then it's off to cleaning around the house. I'll probably do most of the house work while Kaleyn naps so that I can spend some time with her and play this morning and this afternoon. That's my favorite part of the day!! She's so much fun. As she gets older she's obviously been able to do more and it makes it easier to play together. Lately she's been enjoying walking to us from the couch or wherever she's standing. She's also been enjoying rolling the ball back and forth and playing peek a boo! So much fun!

Shop and Save!

It's that time of year when everyone is starting to think about Christmas and holiday shopping. You can miss all the signs and ads for all the deals coming up!! I for one enjoy doing much of my shopping online. It's simply easier with a young child now. Recently I began doing some shopping and checked out They had so many wonderful deals!! Have you checked them out yet? If not, you really should! I was especially impressed with their sale on 1/4ct tw Diamond 5-Stone Journey Pendant and Earrings Set in 10K Yellow Gold with an extra 10% off online only and the Abbey Hill bedding Medallion Dream bedding collection with an extra 30% online only! These are some great deals and it looks like shopping online pays off! Wow!! Who wouldn't like to get an extra percent off just for shopping online?!

If you'd like to check out all of their great deals...head over to their site today! The price you see on the product page is not the sale price....the sale price shows up once item is in the cart.'ll be saving even more money than the price that is already shown!! It's definitely worth checking things out and seeing if you are interested in any of the items they have on sale. And, if you are shopping between now and the end of December, Kmart is giving an extra 10% off for purchases online in the following categories: womens plus sleepwear, womens attention brand, girls tops, ALL juniors, boys tops, mens shirts and bottoms, big mens shirts and bottoms
and infant and toddler bedding.

So what are you waiting for? Check out their site today and start saving! The items with the online only discount are only available through the you better get shopping now! Oh, and don't forget to look for the hidden ornaments throughout their site every week. They provide additional savings with a secret coupon code!!

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The last few days have been really long and exhausting. For the most part, Scott has a great schedule with much better than his previous job. However....this is the time of year when he usually has to go in early and comes home later in the evening. It's not too bad...but after a few days I'm starting to feel more and more tired. It's difficult to get everything done during the day...and trying to just exhausts me.

Viral Marketing

Have you ever heard of Yovia before? I hadn't until just recently, but am glad that I did. They, along with Marketing Sherpa are offering a conference on the we for free for anyone interested in learning more about How to Viral Market. Wondering what this is? Well...basically they want to help give people the step by step information to create, track and execute viral marketing. I think this is so great, not only because of the idea of it, but also because the instruction being given in this free web conference is from some of the top experts in the industry!! Who wouldn't want advice from people like that?! I know I do!

If you'd like to get started with viral marketing, but just don't know where to start...this is the place. It's free and with great guidance...who could ask for more?! To learn more, check out their site today! They offer a wealth of information explaining the conference and everything you will learn. Head over won't be sorry you did!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Lights

As the sun went down tonight I noticed that more and more people are putting up the lights on their houses now. At first I thought we were the only ones in town to have their lights up....and I think we were...but now more and more people are doing it before the weather gets really cold and the snow makes it next to impossible. It's starting to feel more and more like Christmas and I'm loving it. Soon we'll have to go driving around town and look at all the beautiful decorations.

Need a Dentist?

Have you been looking for the best cosmetic dentist, orthodontist or periodontist in Irvine?? If so, you will be able to do so using I recently came across this site and wanted to pass it along. Here you will find the best dentists that offer cosmetic dentistry procedures like braces, TMJ, bonding, veneers, implants, and more!! The Irvine cosmetic dentists are trained to cover a number of different procedures so whether you're struggling and need a root canal or need dental surgery...they can do it all! Check out their site today for further information to see if Irvine teeth whitening is what you've been looking for.


Walking through the store the other day Scott and I realized how many options people have to lose weight. There are all kinds of low fat or low carb options, as well as diet pills and exercise equipment. It's nice that people have a choice when they go into the store how they're going to live healthier lives. We choose to just buy healthier foods, but I know that some prefer other options. They can find it all just by walking through the store.

Kaelyn's Hugs and Kisses...

...are the best! Today I had a terrible I'm pretty sure has been brought on from weaning and the change in hormone levels. I was pretty miserable, and after taking something in hopes that it would help cease the pain, I decided to lay on the couch while she was playing on the floor. Typically I would take this time to play with her, but with my head pounding, it was much better for me to watch her while laying down for a little while. It was so cute much as I expected her to continue playing with her toys...the instant she saw me lay down on the was almost as if she knew I wasn't feeling well because she came right over, stood by me and gave me one kiss after another while smiling from ear to ear. She was even giving hugs too!! She's such a sweetie. Now, if that doesn't make someone who doesn't feel well smile, I don't know what will?!? :) I can honestly say that this brightened my day and was the beginning of feeling better.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Adventure Gear

Do you ever find yourself looking for a site that offers outdoor gear? I know I do...especially this time of year when I'm looking for Christmas gifts for Scott. He likes all that kind of Adventure Gear, so I've been looking around trying to find the best deals on knives, flashlights and more. I found Sierra Adventure Gear which is a terrific site for anyone looking for outdoor gear at great prices. Their site is so user friendly! They have the categories listed along the left side for easy navigation and convenient shopping. Check it out if you want learn more about all they have to offer.

Fast Week Ahead

What a nice weekend! Our weekend started out a bit hectic....but as it went on we had a really great time visiting my parents. We had some issues with the painting that we were going to do in our family room...but thankfully everything worked out great!! We were then able to visit my parents for a couple of days and enjoy relaxing and just spending time together. Unfortunately the weekend is over and Monday is already upon us. I can already tell this will be a fast week!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chrsitmas Shopping

Christmas is right around the corner and I know people who are looking to get their Christmas shopping done very soon. I have been doing a lot of my Christmas shopping online this year and have some really good luck. It's just so convenient for me having a little one! I have found almost everything I needed to buy except fo the rc helicopter. I'm sure if I keep looking though I will find the perfect product at the perfect price.

Cosmetology Schools

I have always thought it would be fun to get into the field of cosmetology. I was always wondering what schools there were for this in my area though. I got looking for one day and found Regency. They have been around for over 50 you know they're a respectable school that's continuing to grow. They started out with two schools in Minnesota and grew to almost 30 campuses in the country now. They're the fastest growing beauty school in the country and are continuing to grow each year! The education and experience they offer students sounds outstanding as they get hands on experience that prepares them for their real career one day. If you're interesting in cosmetology schools you may want to look at Regency first!

Another Busy Day

Today is another busy day in our household. There's always something to do, isn't there?! We decided that since we didn't have anything planned, we were going to get some things done so the house is ready to sell this Spring. Scott is going to work on painting the ceiling in our addition, and working on getting the bathtub resealed in the bathroom. Little by little we're going to try and get this stuff done so we don't have to worry about it later on. Other than that we're getting groceries, cleaning and doing laundry. A neverending list...but someone's gotta do it, right?! Hopefully we still have some time at the end of the day just to relax. We'll see....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Free Credit

Recently having bought a vehicle, a new home, and having much experience with credit cards and could say I thought I knew all there was to know about credit and credit scores. I found that I had a lot to learn when I happened to come across As I searched through their site I found a wealth of information concerning credit cards, credit scores, credit reports and so much more!! I think my favorite part of this website is the user-friendly layout that it offers. I quickly found the "library" section where there are many articles on all kinds of things such as, bad credit history, choosing credit cards, and understanding credit. What was nice about all of the articles that I read was that they were written in a way that I could understand. I think that's very important for anyone wanting to learn more about credit....if they're going to make changes for the better they need to understand what it's all about and how to boost their credit score.

Whether you're looking to learn more about credit, wanting to get information on credit cards and apply for them online, or are looking to get a free credit report...this is the place you want to go!! No matter what your credit history, they have everything you need to become more informed on this subject and get your credit back on the right track! Check out their site for more information when you get the won't be sorry you did!

New Camera

Today we finally got our new camera in the mail. I had received a very nice Kodak camera for my birthday, but within a couple of short months...the LCD screen got broken. It was a really nice camera and took beautiful pictures. The only disappointment with it was the battery didn't last long at all! So...when it broke, we decided to start looking at different brands that also are known for their quality pictures. We ended up getting a GREAT deal on a Nikon CoolPixs...and it came today. So far from what we can tell it's very nice. It takes excellent pics. I'm excited to learn more about all the settings and stuff.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

High Speed Internet Information

Isn't it funny how we do almost everything on the Internet these days? We communicate with people, post pictures, pay bills...some of us even make a living on it. Whatever use you have for the Internet, it's important to many of us to have high-speed internet. If you're looking for articles, FAQ's, search engines, and video tutorials about Internet Services, you definitely should check out Digital Landing and the information they include for providers like Comcast, Time Warner and others!!

As someone who does A LOT of work online, I definitely prefer a high speed internet connection. For this reason I was looking around and came across Digital Landing. I found that they have lots to offer someone like me and many others with the same need. They have all the information I need on everything to hooking up a wireless connection to making my internet run more quickly. If you'd like to learn more about them, check out their very user-friendly site today!

It's almost christmas time....

...and I can't wait!! It's my favorite time of year!! Most years this is the time when I begin Christmas shopping. This year is no different, however...I'm realizing that I don't necessarily have to go to the store to do it! I've been doing a lot of my shopping right here online! It's so easy and convenient! Planning long shopping sprees isn't very practical with a one year to be able to do it from home has been wonderful!

Today I spent much of my time gathering a list of things for Kaelyn's Christmas list. Many of our parents and siblings have been asking what she would like or I browsed the web and created a list at It was a bit time consuming, but now that it's all said and done I'm glad I took the time to do it. It will be easy for our families to use her Christmas list right there on the site and even shop online if they wish.

Making Kaelyn's Christmas list and doing some shopping for a few family members is as far as I've gotten so far. I suppose that isn't too bad considering it's not even Thanksgiving yet though. It's nice to get a good start on things...soon we will be sending out Christmas cards, putting up the tree, listening to Christmas music! Scott already hung the lights up outside on the house...and with all the snow we've been getting it's definitely feeling like that time of year already!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Perfect Job!

Scott is sure loving his new job!! He has all the benefits and things that he wanted in a's just perfect. As a salesman he meets with many different chemical reps and people who work with the company that he works for. It's fun for him, because whenever he meets with these reps...he always comes home with lots of promotional products that they've given him. He's gotten things like laptop bags, knives, pens and so much more. It's a nice perk to a job that is already so perfect for him. I'm so glad that he's finally found the job of his dreams!

Busy, but FUN weekend! it Sunday night already?? Where did the weekend go? Last I knew it was Friday, now we're winding down for the night and getting ready to start a new week. I think the time went by so quickly because we were so busy this weekend. Friday we had Kaelyn's Drs appointment which always takes a good part of the day by the time we get ready, go and then get home and have lunch. Friday night my brother came to visit and he was here until this afternoon. It was nice having him come and visit...Kaelyn sure enjoyed it too. She loves her Uncle Jake.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Capella University

I'm sure many are like me and have considered going back to college to get their masters degree. It's a thought that has crossed my mind, especially when I was teaching. If I ever did go back to further my education though, after looking over many online colleges, I would probably look into Capella University, because they are a fully accredited online University that would make it easy for me to keep doing the things that I do now, and go to school from the comfort of my own home. It's so easy and getting a quality education at the same would be great. Recently I was on their I've been many times...and found their latest Inside Online Education podcast. It featured a discussion with Beverly Enns who is a faculty chair for ready/literacy there. I really enjoy that they offer these interviews with real staff and helps people become more educated on what their school has to offer. If interested, you should check it out for yourself on their site today.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Growing Little Girl

It had been three months since we last took Kaelyn to one of her well-child checkups, so you could say we were pretty excited to take her to her 12 month check up this morning to see how much she had grown. That's the best part about seeing how much weight she's gained and how much taller she is. Over the past month or so, we knew Kaelyn had our arms were getting more tired the longer we held her....however, we didn't know that she had gained over 3 1/2 lbs and almost 2 inches!! Wow!! She sure is growing!! :) She is now 20 1/2 lbs and just over 28 inches tall! Whenever we come home from a checkup I always enjoy taking a look at my own baby book to see how similar she is in size to what I was at her age. Today was no different...I came home and opened up the book. I was less than an inch taller than her and only a couple of oz heavier. :)

Also....Now that Kaelyn is at least 20 lbs and a year old we can officially, and legally, turn her carseat to face forward. Scott has been looking forward to this for quite some time he likes to look at Kaelyn in the rear view mirror and be able to talk to her. Now he can do that more easily, as she'll be able to see him and talk back to him too. I think Kaelyn will enjoy car rides a lot more now. She'll be able to look forward and see the world in front of her. Before it hardly took two minutes before she was sleeping....i can't say I blame her....staring at the seat the whole time must be kind of boring. :) I guess this is just one more thing that signifies our little girl getting older and is "officially" 1!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black Friday

Black Friday is a day that I have come to really enjoy. I never used to go shopping on this day, but once I started, I now won't miss it. The one thing I don't like about it is the long lines and the huge crowds! That makes it very difficult to to do all the shopping that I need to do before the holidays. What's good news for people like me who do not like that many people have found shopping online to be just as beneficial and less hectic. There is one Black Friday site that I found and I'm very impressed with. They want to help you save money on Black Friday and make it easy by allowing you to shop online and not have the hassles that the rest of us have with shopping right in the stores. There is another bonus to using this site. They offer free e-mail alerts for when the black friday ads come out. I think this is great and have already signed up so I can find the Target deals and more! I really am happy to have found this site and wanted to take this chance to pass it along to all of you. Black Friday is a HUGE shopping day and I think it's important for us all to have the opportunity to take advantage of these wonderful sales without the crowds. If you'd like to learn more you can check out site today!

Time Change

I don't know about you, but I'm having a difficult time adjusting to the new time change. I don't know if it's because it gets dark earlier now or what...but it's been difficult for me to get used to. I feel much more tired at night, and find it harder to sleep in the morning. Part of that is because our daughter, Kaelyn is also having a difficult time adjusting. She has been waking up with the she used it's hard for her to get the sleep she is used to getting. Hopefully we will all adjust soon!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Zenni Optical

The holiday season is right around the corner, and I'm sure like many people...I'm not the only who is trying to save every penny I can. With the economy the way it is right's so important to spend wisely! Whether it be gifts you're buying, or items you're buying for yourself.....watching what you spend is one way to make sure that this hard financial time doesn't get too tough.

One way that I've started to cut spending in our household is a very simple way....using more coupons! I never used to use any....but now with money more tight and things more expensive....I find myself cutting as many coupons as I can. Myself, and my husband also find that we are willing to do little things that will help us to make more taking surveys, etc. Every little bit extra helps immensely! Finally....the third thing we do is simply look for deals on items we would normally buy. For instance, I am currently in need of new prescription eye glasses. I've looked and looked, and the absolute best prices I find is with They sell the stylish glasses I'm looking for right online...starting at only $8!! Isn't that great? I can't help but appreciate their low prices and good quality, as it really is one way to help us save money and still have the things we need! I have enjoyed looking through their huge slection of frames and styles.

If you're looking to save money in these difficult times....yet need important items like eyeglasses....check out Zenni Optical who wants to help you!

One Year Old!

Today is Kaelyn's birthday...I can't believe she is one year old already! It's so crazy how quickly the time goes. It honestly feels like yesterday that we were in the hospital and holding her in our arms. Although today is her birthday, tomorrow is the day we're celebrating her birthday with a party with some family. It should be a really fun time...I'm sure looking forward to it! Today we're going to have a relaxing but fun day with Kaelyn with some gift oepning! I'm sure she'll really enjoy that! We'll be sure to post pictures very soon!