Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost Here!

During this holiday time I am reminded of my school and college days when I counted down the days until we had some time off from school. Now, even having been out of school for quite some time, I still find myself looking forward to the holidays and the break we all get from everyday life to spend quality time with loved ones.

It's that time of year and Thanksgiving is almost here! I am really looking forward to it! Being able to spend time with family and eat lots of yummy food....who could ask for anything better?!! There are many of our family members who we haven't seen in quite a while...so it should be alot of fun. The holidays are always a very busy time, and this one is no exception. We have three Thanksgivings in one day! It will be a long, but very wonderful day! I can't wait!!

The excitement does not end there though. Friday, as I'm sure many of you know, is only the best shopping day of the entire year!! Scott will be working, but I am looking forward to taking the day to go shopping with Kaelyn and my parents. Saturday will be a relaxing day...one that I plan on taking to get up our Christmas tree and all the decorations. YEAH! :)

I'm sure the time will go by quickly, as do many other weekends...but I still look forward to this time and all the excitement we have planned!

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