Friday, November 21, 2008

Viral Marketing

Have you ever heard of Yovia before? I hadn't until just recently, but am glad that I did. They, along with Marketing Sherpa are offering a conference on the we for free for anyone interested in learning more about How to Viral Market. Wondering what this is? Well...basically they want to help give people the step by step information to create, track and execute viral marketing. I think this is so great, not only because of the idea of it, but also because the instruction being given in this free web conference is from some of the top experts in the industry!! Who wouldn't want advice from people like that?! I know I do!

If you'd like to get started with viral marketing, but just don't know where to start...this is the place. It's free and with great guidance...who could ask for more?! To learn more, check out their site today! They offer a wealth of information explaining the conference and everything you will learn. Head over won't be sorry you did!

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