Saturday, December 31, 2011

Private Practice

Private Practice

The Author of this post is Timothy Malone

So, Private Practice on ABC have you seen this show? It is a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy of course which is a show that I refuse to watch at this point so basically Private Practice doesn’t really hold too high of a ranking for me either. I decided to give it another try the other night when I was scanning though my directstartv guide. It stars the main character Addison whose character came from Grey’s Anatomy. Addison needed to move away from Seattle Grace Hospital when things got a little too much for her to deal with in the love life department. I guess it would be extremely hard to work with your ex-husband and his new girlfriend. So anyways she moves down to somewhere in California near the beach where the weather is beautiful but she still spends most of her time indoors it seems. Why move from a city where it never stops raining to a city where it never rains only to continue staying inside at all times. That doesn’t make sense to me at all. Go live a little Addison!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Actos Lawsuit

I have never had diabetes, but I do know people who struggle with it. It's sad to hear how much it can affect people's lives. I get high blood sugar while pregnant sometimes, and am thankful when it figures itself out once I have my babies. I feel for the people who deal with it on a daily basis for life though. Many people take I thought it important to share something I recently read about Actos. Actos is an oral diabetes medicine that has been shown by recent studies to lead to serious injuries like heart attacks, heart failure, and an increased risk of bladder cancer which can lead to an Actos lawsuit possibly. Basically, Pioglitazone, the chemical name for Actos was sold under the trade names Actos, ActoplusMet, Competact and these are things you need to watch for if you have diabetes.


My brother and his wife have two sons, and are now looking to adopt a third child. The adoption process is much more lengthy than I thought it was...but they are very patient and going through the steps. They can't wait to get a call that there is a little one waiting for them. To help offset the costs that go along with adoption, they have been doing many things...including face painting to raise money. They're very creative and I'm sure will have no problem coming up with the money.

23 weeks pregnant

It has been a little while since I wrote about what is going on in our life other than the fact that we sold and bought a home! YAY! One of the biggest changes is the fact that I'm now 23 weeks pregnant!! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. With two little ones I hardly have time to think about it. I actually like it, that just means we'll get to meet our little bundle of joy even sooner. November will be here before we know it. I can't wait!


I feel like everywhere I look and read there are new alerts from the different medications we take. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to try a more holistic, natural approach to our ailments. For instance, I just read that on January 4 of this year, the Food & Drug Administration alerted healthcare professionals to rare cases of severe liver damage associated with the use of Multaq. I know it said "rare", but still... the possibility is kind of scary. Symptoms of severe liver damage include stomach pain, weakness, shortness of breath, redness, difficulty breathing, rashes, diarrhea, rapid weight gain and more. It's definitely something to be cautious of if you've taken this. If you have taken it and experience symptoms, it would be worth looking into a Multaq lawsuit.

New Stove

One of the things we are going to need when we move into our new house is a stove. The old owners are taking it with them. We're looking forward to finding one...but to match everything else it has to be stainless steel. I sure hope we can find one for a decent price. I've actually been looking on Craigslist and also the ads for great deals on appliances. So far haven't found anything that will work, but we still have a little time I suppose.

New House

This is going to be a really busy weekend. We don't have plans to go anywhere, but now that we sold our house...we have a lot of things to pack up and clean. I keep thinking of everything and it gets a little overwhelming. The next month is going to go by quickly, and the work isn't going to end when we move in. The house is move-in ready but we still have a lot of painting and cleaning to do. The kids are excited though. It will be a lot more room for them.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crowd Control Products

Have you ever been at the bank or in line at a concert, only to have people walking in front of you and getting out of line easily? I sure have. I often have wondered if there was a way to control the crowd I know that you can! Crowd control products help people stay in line at all kinds of places so we all can get where we need to be faster and easier.

Stanchions come with retractable belts, velvet rope and more ways being developed all the time. There are even some that you can have printing done on the belts!! Then there are barricades are for traffic control, security and privacy. Things like fence barricades, traffic cones, pipe and drape walls, are just a few of the many ways to do that.

There are obviously many products to help with crowd control out there. I'm hoping all places where people have to stand in lines get some sort of product to help keep things orderly and under control.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer in Texas ~ Guest Post

Summer in Texas

Authored by Rickey Combs

What is it about summertime that I love so much? I think it really takes me back to my childhood when we used to all run around with bare feet and go swimming in the lake whenever we had the chance. Sometimes, even though I’m an adult, I like to make homemade popsicles when the weather warms up and really get into the summer spirit. Recently I went to because my air bills were just getting out of control since it’s so hot here in Texas and I even talked to my brother about going in on a pool membership with me so we could take a dip when it gets really hot! I love this time of year and I adore being able to wear shorts and stuff like that – if it were up to me I would dress like this twelve months out of the year but I’m not sure everyone else would be okay with that! Summer’s here in Texas and I invite all of y’all to come on down and see what it’s all about!

**I was compensated for this guest post.**

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Luxe New Car

A Luxe New Car

Guest post written by Stew Lawson

Now that I am retired, I decided to get myself something that I always wanted for a special present. I just bought this excellent luxury automobile and I've been getting around town in style. I have always loved to drive, and I've had a lot of cars throughout my life, but this new car really takes the cake. Just riding around in this car brings an incredible amount of job. It may have cost a pretty penny, but it was worth every single cent in my opinion.

So far, I have just used it to do a few errands around town. I've gone to get groceries and just recently I drove myself to a Free Hearing Test. However, I am looking forward to take big trip further south. I am going to ask the Mrs. where she has always wanted to go, and we are going to take a long ride in my beautiful new car. Hitting the open road and going on a long road trip is something that I've been longing to do in my last few years of work, and now that it's finally time, I am overjoyed.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Injury Lawyers

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Do you ever just stop and think about all the blessings in your life? I sure do! Lately I've been reflecting on all that God has done in our lives. It's amazing how His plan for us is unfolding and we're beginning to see how he's worked in so many amazing ways. My hubby just accepted a new job position which is not only a promotion, but one that will allow him to be home more. YAY! We are of course also thankful for our family and is great!


I don't know what it is, but I've been so tired these days. I really need a weekend of doing nothing to catch up on sleep and relaxation. You'd think our trip to Jamaica in February would have given me some of that, but we were so busy and on the go a lot of the time it was tough to relax. It's almost like I need a vacation after the vacation. ha! Hopefully I'll feel more rested soon.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Nets Can Be Highly Entertaining At Times

The Nets Can Be Highly Entertaining At Times

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy

Me and my two younger brothers usually go to Knicks games, but I brought up the idea of going to a Nets game instead. Since I'm the older brother and they look up to me, they thought it was a great idea. I don't even think they realize how bad the Nets are. But I would like to believe they just enjoy spending time with me. And it was a great day.

That Saturday began with a lot of leaf-raking, but we made it fun, with a lot of wrestling in the leaves and the destruction of other people's piles. Needless to say, we didn't get much done. Then we ate lunch at Subway. Following that, we went home and played a game of Scrabble. Victorious. But that day didn't really become special until after we set our home security alarm from and got in the car. We played our favorite tunes, flirted with some girls while sitting in traffic, and ate way too many hot dogs. But the best part about that day was that the Nets actually won - and they did it in style. They were throwing down some monster dunks, which really got the crowd going. Even my brothers started taunting the other team, which earned us a warning from security. The way home was fun because we told all kinds of stories about growing up. I think I'll consider going to a Nets game with my brothers again.

Friday, January 7, 2011

MAACO Bowl Las Vegas

MAACO Bowl Las Vegas

Guest post written by my buddy Fidel Hernandez

This year's annual Vegas trip includes going to the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas to watch the number 00 BCS ranked Boise State Broncos take on the 09th ranked Utah Utes in what should be an offense laden game. Though our trip to Vegas has always been more about partying and gambling than about shows and entertainment, it just so happens that a couple of the guys went to Boise State and wanted to check out the game. So we checked online for tickets and though they were a tad pricey for a college football game ($35, $55 and $000), we figured that we'd just accept it as a night out gambling where we lost the money instead. The actual game is going to be on Wednesday, the 1717nd of December, at 5 p.m. in Sam Boyd Stadium which I learned is in walking distance from our hotel.

So that's the little wrinkle in this year's trip to Las Vegas. We're leaving for the trip on Monday, but I'm already packed and ready to go. If you can't tell, I'm pretty psyched to get going as it's been a long, rough year and I can really use the break. Since I'll be the last roommate to leave the place for vacation (I believe they'll both be heading home on the weekend), I'll have to remember to set the home alarm fromin home security before I go.

Is it Summer yet?

Wow, did it ever snow and blow today. I didn't even know it was supposed to get bad, then my hubby called around 2ish and said he was on his way home from work. He said it was very difficult to see and was not safe to be out in it. I'm so glad he got home before dark, as it would have been even more difficult for him. Thankfully it sounds like the winds and snow have settled down, but anytime they pick up...the snow we already have starts to fly again. I'm looking forward to summer and it's only January! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

Decorating my home for Christmas is a solitary event for me. I like to turn on my favorite Christmas music and keep some hot water ready so that I can prepare hot tea or cocoa for myself as I decorate. Each time I delve into the boxes of Christmas decorations, it's like opening up a treasure chest of memories.

Our current home is very small so I have a small tree to decorate rather than the really large ones I used to decorate. Having a smaller tree requires that I be more selective with my decorations. It is fun to choose a new holiday theme each year and it's easier and less expensive to do that with a small tree. In addition to the tree, I create various other decorative sections throughout the house. There's always a nativity scene, a collection of nature related items, and an area to display our Christmas cards.

At the end of my very enjoyable day at home alone in my comfy clothes lost in a world of memories, my family returns to a home transformed with holiday decor. We all gather in the family room to enjoy Christmas cookies, popcorn, and hot cocoa while watching holiday specials on CableTelevision.