Monday, June 29, 2009

Potty Training

We've decided to start potty training Kaelyn. So far it seems to be going very well. She has a few accidents here and there, but as long as we're at home she is very good about running to the potty to go. I never expected it to start out this easily. I hope she continues to catch on quickly. I don't think it's going to be potty training over night or anything, but I do think she's more than ready. I am hoping she'll be potty trained by the time the baby gets here in November. Diapers are too expensive.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monaco Rare Coin

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The guys were supposed to go golfing today, but I'm thinking they better get going soon if they want to get some golf in. The weather forecast looks like rain, which means golf may be cut short. This is one of the first times they've been out this summer and it's Father's Day, so I want to make sure they have a great day today. It's what they love to do and it would be nice for them to have a great day to do it! So far it's looking descent so hopefully they can get some holes in.

Friday, June 19, 2009

BluFrog Wildly Healthy Energy Drink Review

A couple of months ago, my family and I had the opportunity to try and review a sample of the BluFrog Energy Drink. I had never heard of it, and wasn't too sure how I'd like it. I'm more of a water kind of girl. After a couple sips though, I could tell it was something I could get used to, but still thought it would appeal to my husband even more than myself. I was right! He ended up drinking the rest of what we had received.

Typically we don't drink energy drinks around our house...but what I can say, is that I really appreciated the healthy side of this drink. It contained healthier ingredients, real fruit, lower calories and carbs than others out there on the market...not to mention nothing artificial in it and tons of vitamins in each serving. It's really no ordinary energy drink, that's for sure! Oh, and it also tastes pretty good too.

I recently learned of a BluFrog contest going on that I thought I'd pass along as well. You can check it out over at for the rules, and learn more about the cool prizes they're offering!


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain, Rain, Go Away! I can't believe that it's still raining out. I feel like it's been raining for weeks straight! That's not exactly true...we did have one day that was nice enough to spend outdoors. For the most part though, all we've had is rain. In fact, it's not just rain, but some pretty nasty weather. It sure doesn't feel like summer is here yet. What a bummer. Here in the midwest we wait for summer...and once it comes we cherish every day because it's not long at all. Unfortunately this year, summer doesn't even feel like it has begun yet and it's probably half over already.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holsted Jewelers

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Great Day

Today was a wonderful day! It started out with a showing of our house....we always like showings because that means a potential buyer! I also had my 4 month dr appointment. The baby is doing great and the heart rate is strong! Next time I go we'll get to have the big ultrasound!! YEAH! Can't wait! We're not finding out what the sex of the baby is but it's still fun to see him/her on the screen. This pregnancy is going so fast. I can't believe that soon our little one will be here.


My parents and brother are on their way to Philadelphia for a few days! I'm so happy that they could go and be there for my brother as he graduates with his masters. I wish we could go...but Scott's job doesn't have the time off available to him for us to go. We'll get to see the fam in a couple weeks when my brother moves back from Texas. That should be fun! Until then I have enjoyed looking at pics of them on vacation...looks like they're having a blast! :)


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Monday, June 1, 2009

19 Months Old!

Kaelyn is 19 months old! I can't hardly believe she is officially past 1 1/2 and is nearing her second birthday already!! WOW! She's getting to be such a big girl. She's so independent and very smart. We're constantly amazed at the words and phrases she is learning. Children at this age are like little sponges and they soak in all that is said goes on around them. Over the past few months she enjoys conversing with others even more....she walks up to everyone saying "hi" or "hello". She still signs, but along with her signing she uses the words. She loves the outdoors now that the weather is nicer and still is very much a Daddy's Girl! We recently got her a baby doll to help get her ready for her little baby brother/sister due in November. She calls her Emma and carries her all around the house. She loves to give her hugs and kisses and even lays her down and covers her with a blanket while she says "nigh nigh Emma". Those are a few of the many things Kaelyn is doing now! She's such a joy!