Friday, June 19, 2009

BluFrog Wildly Healthy Energy Drink Review

A couple of months ago, my family and I had the opportunity to try and review a sample of the BluFrog Energy Drink. I had never heard of it, and wasn't too sure how I'd like it. I'm more of a water kind of girl. After a couple sips though, I could tell it was something I could get used to, but still thought it would appeal to my husband even more than myself. I was right! He ended up drinking the rest of what we had received.

Typically we don't drink energy drinks around our house...but what I can say, is that I really appreciated the healthy side of this drink. It contained healthier ingredients, real fruit, lower calories and carbs than others out there on the market...not to mention nothing artificial in it and tons of vitamins in each serving. It's really no ordinary energy drink, that's for sure! Oh, and it also tastes pretty good too.

I recently learned of a BluFrog contest going on that I thought I'd pass along as well. You can check it out over at for the rules, and learn more about the cool prizes they're offering!


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