Saturday, March 31, 2007

Web Directory

For those who are interested in web directories, there is a new site that may be of interest to you. Big Web Links is a new and respectable site that offers a new concept when it comes to directories that you won't find anywhere else. The listings are sorted by bid amount, which makes it easy to have control over listing placement. You're also shown the top 10 listings directly on the homepage. If you're interested in learning more about Big Web Links Bid Directory, check them out today! This is a paid post.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

So muddy outside

As we enter Springtime, we have had quite a bit of rain. Unfortunately, our driveway is not completely paved yet, and the rain is really causing quite a mess! It's difficult to even walk up to the front or back doors or even to the mailbox. I see the mailman come almost everyday, but rarely make it out there to get it. The times that I have ventured out on muddy days like today, I come back inside with mud-covered shoes! I really hope that it starts warming up and drying up a little bit so we can get the rest of our driveway paved.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


If you are interested in science, technology, gadgets and science fiction, then you definitely should look into Sci-Edge! They are a social networking site for people who have interests just like you! Joining is absolutely free! Once you join you can build a page, start a forum, or even make money by blogging and posting links!! This is definitely something that I could see my brother really enjoying! He loves technology and things along those lines, and it would really benefit him to talk with others who have the same interest. It would help give him even more insight into what he loves and meet people who have those same interests. The site will be launching April 2nd, so check them out and see what you think. This is a paid post.

It's raining, It's pouring!

Well, today is definitely one of the rainiest days we've had this week so far. It's not raining hard, just enough to make everything wet and gray outside. It's a beautiful day to have the windows open though! It's cool out, but it beats having the heat run. I just love this weather! With all this rain, pretty soon everything everything will start growing and blooming and spring will officially feel like it's here. I guess I'll just be staying indoors for the day.

Sales Lead Managment

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Most mornings I check and check for blogging opportunities and don't get any until later in the day. But the past couple of days have been oustanding! For instance, it's not even 11:00 yet and I already have done two posts. Some days it's very hard to even get one, so I am very pleased with this. I'm going to keep on posting throughout the day and hopefully make some good money! I just love my job.:)

Payday Loans

Have you ever been in a bind financially because something big has come up, like a car repair, before pay day comes? Most likely everyone has had an instance like this, or will at some point in their lives. It's a terrible feeling to have an emergency and not know where you're going to get the money from! Well now, you don't have to worry, because PayDay Cash Advance Loans is here to help. They are a great way to get instant cash in case of an emergency. The important thing to remember with a Payday Loan is that you must only take out what you can pay back once you get paid. These types of loans are for short term fixes to financial emergencies. If you are interested in learning more about Payday Loans or the availability of New Jersey Payday Loans, check their site out today! This is a paid post.

New "House"

I'm excited because there's a new House on tonight after American Idol! I always like seeing the new episodes and House is always very easy to watch and it always grabs my attention and keeps me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It's to have a show like this too that my husband and I can watch together. We both really enjoy it, as does the rest of my family!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


For those who may not know, RackNine is a leading provider of shared web hosting services, and a company you can rely on. They have recently expanded their options for its dedicated server customers by having a new Assisted Service Plan available. Customers can now get the power of a dedicated server and not have to perform all tasks dealing with server startup, patching, etc. With a service contract, one can get great add-ons like security scans, monitoring and escalation management, and more at no cost to them. They have really become an incredible company who provides inexpensive and reliable hosting services to people. They also offer high quality service any time of the day! Their dedication and commitment to helping others has helped make them the most user-friendly system that one can find. If you are interested in learning more, check their site out today. It's very easy to use and makes it so easy to customize your own RackNine Dedicated Servers. You just pick one of the plans they offer and plan options. You can also read more about RackNine and their outstanding customer support, competitive pricing and much more in the press release below. This is a paid post.

Press Release:
RackNine Inc. Toll-free: 1-866 GO RACK9 RackNine Cuts I.T. Overhead for Customers New Offering from RackNine Equals Expert Support & Great Value Edmonton, Alberta (March 27. 2007) – RackNine a leading provider of shared and dedicated web hosting services, is expanding options for its dedicated server customers by adding an Assisted Service Plan–a professional solution without the traditional costs. RackNine’s technical support will address needed patches, backups, monitoring and vulnerability assessments. Customers can get the power of a dedicated server without having to perform all of the administrative tasks associated with an unmanaged account such as server startup, patching and anti-virus protection. Add-on services, with the purchase of a service contract, include security scans, backup and recovery, monitoring and escalation management, at no additional fee. Custom engineering options are also available, billed at a flat hourly rate. The plan can be added to qualified dedicated hosting accounts during the purchase process. While users are provided with a basic startup environment, RackNine can also assist customers who have special needs. As with all dedicated servers accounts, customers can choose from a wide range of options including operating systems, RAM, hard drives, processors and firewalls. In addition, as with all RackNine services, the plan is backed by RackNine’s round the clock customer support. For more information on RackNine dedicated server plans, visit About RackNine RackNine Inc. is the evolution of its former company, Couple Guys Consulting. Originally founded in February of 1997, Couple Guys Consulting grew as a leader in automated website management, developing the popular and widely-used SiteTools content-creation system. Couple Guys Consulting entered the web hosting arena in 1999 after being unable to find a reliable method to outsource its hosting arrangements. A subsidiary (CGC Network) was formed to handle hosting needs of both Couple Guys Consulting's web presence as well as needs of a quickly growing userbase who were also unhappy with their current hosts. Hardware solutions were heavily researched, technical staff was hired and trained, and CGCNetwork's experience in high quality dedicated - and shared - hosting began. CGC Network has since evolved to provide inexpensive and incredibly reliable consumer hosting services. New servers and infrastructure have been laid, our aggressive package pricing is implemented, the newest and most advanced user management system ever created has been installed, and our always-present commitment to providing high quality service has turned CGC Network into one of the fastest and most user-friendly systems available. - RackNine - © 2007 RackNine Inc. All Rights Reserved.

He's so sweet...

Well I was thinking about going with Scott to get the groceries, but since I haven't been feeling the best and was busy working online, he decided that he'd go get the groceries! He's such a sweetie! I is always willing to do things like that, even if he's worked a long day!! I am so lucky to have him...he takes such good care of me!:)

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Idol News

Well, I'm watching another American Idol tonight and am pleasantly surprised with the songs that the contestants are choosing. For the most part I really think that they're doing a great job and it's fun to hear songs that I'm familiar with! I think as the competition gets down in numbers it's going to be very hard to choose who the next American Idol will be because there are so many wonderful singers! This is one of my favorite shows, and I think many people around the world agree!


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Charles Brown DDS

Hayfield Dental Care in Alexandria is known for their dentists. They all receive advanced training and can perform almost any procedure needed. Charles Brown DDS pc is one of the Dentists at Hayfield Dental Care. In the ten years that he has been with them, he has done thousands of procedures including crowns, root canals, etc. He's really an outstanding dentist who has never had a complaint given about him! He also received numerous awards while in school and is listed as one of the regions top dentists by the Washington Area Consumer Council. He is always accepting new patients so if you're interested give them a call today and see what they can do for you at 703-971-2220.

We Need Groceries

Yikes, it's been way too long since we got groceries. For the past couple of nights we have had hardly any food in the house for supper. Thankfully tonight we have time to get groceries to last us the next couple of weeks, because it's been very hard scraping up food to make for supper. I'm glad that Scott isn't too tired after a long day of work, because now he can come with me. It always goes faster when he's there too, that way he can go and get some of the things and I go and get some of the things. It works out great!

This is crazy...

People come up with many crazy wedding ideas, but in the past year I have heard of two that were just crazy. These people must be very adventurous and not want the typical wedding where there are bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed up and standing by them in the front of a church. So you're probably wondering about what crazy weddings I'm talking about. Well, the first one actually happened in my home state this past year at a waterpark! There was a couple who got married at the top of a water slide and then went down it together as everyone stood around watching. Then, just recently in the news, I heard that there was a couple in Montana who got married as they snowboarded down a mountain. They were literally going down the mountain as the pastor had them recite their vows. Their guests were on the slopes and watched the "ceremony". I'm sure there have been lots of crazy things that people have done, but these are two of the craziest that I have heard.

Lovers Planet

I recently came across a dating site that I wanted to share with everyone. Lovers Planet is a site that brings a diverse community of single Russian women together with men who are looking to get involved in a romantic relationship or married. There are a number of profiles and photos of singles Russian women available on this site. The difference between the women on this site from other dating sites, is that they are looking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. They look to form this type of a relationship and it comes before looking to set up a career. Many of the women found on this site have good family values and are intelligent. So, if you're a man who is looking for a Russian Bride, you might want to check this site out. All you have to do is create a profile and post your own ad. It takes no time at all and may just be the key to finding that perfect woman you've been looking for. Check it out today and see what you think.

Green Thumb?

I have never really been good at keep plants alive, but over the past couple of years I have been given a couple of plants that I have some how kept alive. I don't have a green thumb, but thankfully my husband has sister's who know something about this. I was told not to over water the plants that I have and to make sure that they get plenty of sun. They both are in the sun all the time, and get water every few days. It seems to be working so far, but I wish I knew even more about plants and flowers. They add so much to a home, and if I knew more about how to take care of them, I would have more around.

Aspirin Use

According to decades of research, it has been said that, people, especially women who take low doses of aspirin daily had a reduced death rate, especially from heart disease. I recently read an article about this, and although I had heard this before, I never really knew much about it. Although there are health benefits to taking aspirin, it has been suggested that there are some women who benefit from taking it daily more than others, specifically for older women who have a risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If you are interested in learning more about this, there is a lot of information that can be found online at And, since aspirin does have side effects, it is something that has to be individualized for each person considering it.

Personalized Baby Gifts

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In the news....

The news has been covered with information surrounding Anna Nicole's death. They finally released information about the cause of death, which was an accidental OD by all of the prescription drugs she was taking. You'd think after they released this information that that would be the end of all this media coverage, but it's only the beginning. People are still arguing that there was foul play involved. Not only that, but there's still hearings going on about who her daughter's dad is, who owns her mansion in the bahamas, and how her son died. I have a feeling with all that surrounded her life, her name will be in the news for a very long time. These different questions and situations will probably take a very long time to conclude.

Emotional Intelligence

Until I recently came across a site that discussed emotional intelligence more in depth, I never realized how much of an affect it has on determining the success that we have in life and how important it is to access and develop it. For instance, in workplace, people are looked at not only on how smart they are and what they can do, but also on how they handle themselves in different situations. If you're not familiar with emotional intelligence, it focuses more on the emotional competencies based on self awareness, self motivation, managing relationships, etc. There is a new system, the 360 degree feedback system (Appraisal360 Emotional Intelligence tool), that helps people build their perception and gather feedback. As an employer, this tool would come in very handy, and would help your staff develop emotional intelligence in the workplace. If you're interested in learning more about how develop Emotional Intelligence with 360 degree feedback , check out the press release below as well as the site. This is a paid post.

Press Release:
Imagine that you lived on your own in the world and you were the only person to give you feedback. It would be a bit of a lonely life and you wouldn't learn much. The fact is that the only real way to assess your emotional intelligence is to get feedback from people who know you and the way you interact. Developing the emotional intelligence of your workforce is good for business. It's the vital quality that underpins good teamwork, good industrial relations and makes the difference between having an inspired workforce and an average one. Just imagine a contented workforce which ran smoothly and efficiently with a minimum of fuss. using 360-degree feedback as part of your appraisal and development process you can bring some serious benefits to both your business and your people. People gain much better self awareness by learning how their colleagues perceive them . People generally like 360 degree feedback. They take things less personally and are more likely to take on board what's been said. It helps people understand how their behaviour influences both their own personal effectiveness and how they impact the smooth running of the organisation. It improves communication within the organisation and encourages a more open culture where giving and receiving constructive feedback is the norm. It is a very powerful driver for change both for individuals and organisations as a whole. The Appraisal360 system has no setup costs and is targeted at Employers, HR Professionals and Individuals More information at:

The best!

I'm so lucky to have a great husband, he takes such good care of me. I haven't been feeling the best lately, and he has been more than willing to do the laundry, clean, and make supper, all after he comes home from work. I try to do what I can, but he finishes up everything before we go to bed at night. He's so sweet! I'm so blessed to have him in my life. He is even going to go get groceries tonight since we're getting so low, which is so nice of him!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I recently came across a great site that I wanted to share with everyone. Bid4Prizes is a site that allows users to bid on a variety of hot auctions, giving them the chance to win some really great prizes. It's really a very user-friendly and playable game to use by anyone who might be interested.

First you must become a member by completing the registration information. Then you must text the keyword of the prize that you're interested in with a bid. At the end of the auction, the lowest unique bid's that simple, and there's a new winner everyday. Prizes are outstanding, ranging from Apple I-Phones, HDTV's, Designer Bags, cash prizes, etc. Even if you don't win some of the prizes that you bid on, Bid4Prizes gives you another opportunity to get free gifts by saving up the points you earn every time you bid. You can use your points to get things like toys, purses, backpacks, and so much more!

If you're interested in learning more about this sweepstakes site, check them out today and get playing! It's easy, and fun!


Scott and I had a lot of fun up in the cities. We weren't really ready leave. It was just so relaxing and fun to walk around the mall and just spend time together. When we're home, we don't get the chance to go out and do many things, so it was fun to get to go to the movies and the Ripley's Aquarium and things like that. We had a really great time!:)

Friday, March 23, 2007


For those of you who may not have heard, StaphAspetic is a new first aid treatment for cuts, scrapes and burns. It kills the MRSA staph bacteria that causes infection. It's very important for schools to understand staph infection and how to prevent it. That's why this company is now offering a special educational kit that includes a DVD for schools to watch and a backpack so that schools can put together a prevention program so this will not be a problem in their school. If you are a part of a school system and would like to get a kit for your school, sports team, booster club, etc, then do it today! For further information check out their website for news stories about StaphAseptic, and read the press release below:

For Immediate Release Contact: Gary Burris 541-918-4124 direct MRSA: Free Staph Education and Prevention Kit Available to Help Schools Fight Back Against Rising Staph Infections Albany, OR—For 30 years, Tec Laboratories, the makers of Tecnu Poison Oak and Ivy relief products, has targeted a common health problem and then set out to solve it better than anyone else. After seeing a dramatic increase in potentially deadly staph infections, specifically those caused by MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), Tec Labs went on a mission. The result is StaphAseptic, an over-the-counter wound care treatment for cuts, scrapes and burns, which prevents MRSA infections by killing the bacteria that cause them. As a public service to help schools become educated about the growing MRSA threat to athletes and students, Tec Labs has created a complimentary MRSA education prevention kit that includes an educational DVD called MRSA: The Ticking Time Bomb, a printable quiz, a six-step staph prevention program poster, bi-lingual pamphlets and product samples. It’s all placed into a backpack and is offered at no cost to schools. “The schools are really ground zero for the enormous number of community acquired MRSA outbreaks we are seeing,” said Steve Smith, president and chief executive officer of Tec Labs. “MRSA and staph bacteria thrive on warm, moist skin so student athletes are certainly at risk. And we also know that environments like a school, in which people are in close contact, are ripe for the spread of the bacteria. The kit gives schools a place to start in regards to educating their students.” Smith first realized the true magnitude of the MRSA epidemic when the company introduced StaphAseptic to the national drug store chains. “I was a bit overwhelmed by the response we had when we presented it to the chain drug stores,” he said. “Every major chain (Rite Aid, CVS, Brooks/Eckerd, Walgreens, Kroger) has taken it in and I’ve heard story after story of people who have been affected by MRSA in some capacity.” MRSA—A Ticking Time Bomb According to Dr. Dave Bearden, a clinical associate professor at Oregon State University and a clinician specializing in infectious diseases, MRSA has kept a low profile in hospitals for over 20 years, but has recently reared its head outside of hospitals. “Since 2000 we have increasingly seen MRSA as a growing cause of infection outside of the hospital,” says Bearden. “Recent reports suggest that nearly 60% of all pus-forming skin infections in emergency rooms across the country are caused by MRSA. Limiting the spread of the organism in schools and sports will continue to be a major problem.” Dr. Bearden also points out the impact MRSA has had in sports. “The St. Louis Rams made headlines in the New England Journal of Medicine for a well publicized outbreak of MRSA skin infections,” says Bearden. “Infection has also been well documented in otherwise healthy children, and athletes at all levels. This MRSA strain appears to be more aggressive than other strains of bacteria, and has caused severe infections.” Additionally, the Cleveland Browns football team has been hit hard, losing several players to MRSA staph infection. Dr. Peter Coelho, a physician who works with athletes at California’s San Benito High School is also worried about the effect on schools and athletics. “This bug scares the daylights out of me. It’s a ticking time bomb in high school sports, especially football and wrestling….It’s only a matter of time,” said Coelho. Other schools have also begun battling the super bug. In November 2006, three schools in Ohio’s York City school district were closed due to a staph infection outbreak. What Can People Do to Try and Avoid a MRSA Infection? “In non-infected patients, hand washing, coverage and care of wounds, and limiting shared personal items (e.g., towels, razors) are important. Patients infected with MRSA should take caution to limit exposure of the wound to others,” says Bearden. Cuts, scrapes and abrasions are common entry points for MRSA bacteria that lead to staph infection. StaphAseptic is applied to minor wounds to kill the bacteria to help prevent a MRSA related staph infection. About the MRSA Educational Kit The kit can be obtained by calling 1-800-482-4464 and pushing “0”. There is a limit of one free kit per school. Find general MRSA information at and About Tec Labs Tec Laboratories, Inc. is an innovator of over-the-counter topical pharmaceuticals and the developer of breakthrough technologies in this area. Founded in 1977, Tec Labs has been protecting consumers and industrial workers for more than 29 years. Their product line includes Tecnu, Tecnu Extreme, Calagel, Licefreee! and Corticool. In April 2006, Tec Labs ranked #1 overall, for the second year in a row, in The Scientist magazine’s Best Places to Work in Industry survey. The survey was conducted among companies from 21 countries, including the U.S., Canada and Europe. # # #

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Scott and I are having so much fun up in the cities. We're enjoying just relaxing in our room and planning what we're going to do for the night and weekend. I've never seen a motel room quite like the one we're staying in. It's has a full kitchen with all of the kitchen supplies available. It's a very nice place that we were able to get using I would recommend this site to anyone looking for a nice motel at a reasonable price. I think we'll go to the Olive Garden tonight, and maybe catch a movie or something.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Dating Site

I recently found a new dating site for people who are black, or looking for ebony singles. If you are someone who fits this description, this might be a dating site you would be interesting in looking into. They are a new Black Dating site that makes it possible for you to meet thousands of other singles who are looking for someone just like you! Joining is free and only takes a few minutes! Once you become a member, you will have the opportunity to search through thousands of profiles and be connected with people who are a potentially good match for you. Check them out today and see what you think. This is a paid post.

MP3 Player

My dad called tonight and wanted to know more about MP3 players. I'm not up on all the technology stuff, but Scott is, so he talked with him about their quality and which one's would be a good purchase. Dad ended up getting one off ebay for a Buy It Now at a very reasonable price. It's nice that he could get one to use at home, work, when he works out, etc.! He seemed happy about it.:)

Ultimate Coupons

Many people don't know that they could be saving hundreds of dollars by shopping online and using coupon codes. has helped many people save money, and you can too just by using their promotion codes! They offer coupons to over 700 stores and services. You can find Kohls coupons, Overstock coupons, and so many more at the click of a button. So no matter if you're looking for athletic wear and need Eastbay coupons or want to check out the bowflex and use Bowflex coupons, this site is definitely worth checking out! Typically coupons offered are 10% off, 20% off $100, and $10 off $50. They also have free shipping which makes me want to do all of my online shopping on If you are interested in saving money the next time you shop online, check this site out today! You won't be disappointed. This is a paid post.

So happy!

I'm so happy because PPP is offering SOOO many more opportunities than they were previously! I have been able to get almost all of my opportunities that I need, and am making some great money!! It's so nice to finally have all of these opportunities available to do! It was getting pretty sparse there for a while, so this is refreshing to get so many. I know that my husband, my mom and my grandma will all be excited that they can do more posts tonight too! Thanks PPP!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

US Citizenship

Living in the United States is so great and there are so many reasons why becoming a US Citizen is so important. I came across a great site that I wanted to share with all of you about this issue. Becoming a citizen can be a very overwhelming and confusing process, and this site is here to help. They help users become US Citizens by going through an easy, online process. Another wonderful thing is that they can save applicants up to 90% of the fees that go along with becoming a citizen. U.S. citizenship is better than permanent resident status. It's great because you not only have the right to things like voting and applying for benefits, but also, you can pass citizenship down to your children. If you're interested in learning more, check this site out today. Don't wait long though, because the laws may be changing, and the requirements in becoming a citizen might be much different. It's a smart idea to Apply for US Citizenship Online today before the laws change. This is a paid post.

What's for supper?

Unfortunately, since I haven't been feeling the best lately, Scott has had to make supper when he comes home from work. I've been trying to start it if I can, but coming up with something to eat is never easy for me. I never know what Scott is going to be hungry for. He's a big meat and potato eater, so I think we might eat something like chicken, potatoes, and corn or something. Better get it's already after 6:00.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Just Say Hi

Are you single and looking for a great online dating site to meet men or women in your area? If so, then I strongly recommend that you check out instead of
JustSayHi is an online dating site that is unlike many other dating sites, such as plentyoffish, as it is completely free to join and use. Once you join you will have the opportunity to meet thousands of men or women in your area through active message boards, forums, and so much more!

Stop wasting your time on those other online dating sites that are costing you money and join's community today! You have nothing to lose!! Check them out today and experience the joy of meeting desirable singles in your area!

Weather Forecast

I was looking to see what the weather was going to be like for this week, and from the forecast shows, it is going to be quite a beautiful week! Other than a little rain off and on, the temperatures are really supposed to be up in the upper 50's. I'm very excited about this, because that means we can begin spending more time outside. Scott and I are really anxious to be able to enjoy our new neighborhood, taking walks together and stuff. It also means the snow will begin to melt even more which is good too!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Deal or No Deal

I am someone who really enjoys playing games online. If you also enjoy playing games online, then you'll be happy to hear what I have to share with you about a great site that I recently found! This site offers an online version of the game, Deal or No Deal, much like the game show on television.

The best part is that it's absolutely free to join. You just have join Winzy, and then you can get started! Although you cannot win prizes playing the online version of Deal or No Deal, you can win prizes with another game that they offer, Winzy Secret Suitcase, one that's very similar to Deal or No Deal. Not only does this site give you information on how you can join, but it also gives you a refresher on how to play the game.

Find out what all the hype is about and learn more today by checking them out! It's a totally fun site, that's free to use! So, get started and have fun!

I love the weekend

I can't believe that it's finally the weekend! I love the weekend because it's time that Scott and I get to spend together. :) It's also a chance to catch up on things around the house, see family, and run errands. Although weekends do go very quickly, I always look so forward to them. Next weekend will even be better because we get to go to the cities for a couple days to rest and shop.:)

ARF Review

Are you a small or medium-sized business owner that would like to find a company who works for you when it comes to Business Loans? Well now you can, at Advance Restaurant Finance. They are a company who provides working capital loans for people just like you! Not only are the rates at ARF very competitive in the marketplace, the interest you pay on your loan is also tax deductible! Check ARF out today if you are interested, you have nothing to lose! The application process is really simple and they offer flexible financing options. See what they can do for you! This is a paid post.


I can't believe how much dogs like to sleep. Having Zoe stay with us the past couple of weeks, I realized how much sleep she gets. When she's not eating or watching out the window, she's completely out on the floor in the living room, or on our bed. She is so cute too! She's usually is laying on her back when she is on the bed and it's hilarious. Sometimes she looks really uncomfortable, but it doesn't seem to interrupt her sleep!:) She still sleeps and sleeps.:)

Cool Video Clips

I like to watch videos on the internet, as I'm sure many of you do as well. But, the problem that I run into is that I typically use sites like YouTube that have tons of online videos, more than I have time to go through to find the ones I like. That's why I was thrilled to hear that there's a site out there that does the searching for you. They search the web for the funniest, most interesting online videos out there. They pick the best videos from video websites like YouTube, Daily Motion, Yahoo, Google, and so many more. You're sure to get exactly what you're looking for on Check it out today! This is a paid post.

Getting nicer out

It's getting a lot nicer outside. When I woke up this morning, I really didn't think that it was going to be nice out. It was really chilly and very cloudy. Now I'm looking out the window and it looks really sunny and pleasant out. I think my parents are going to be absolutely shocked that when they get home and see how much snow has melted. When they left it was piled so high in their driveway that they could see it out their front window of their house. Now there's barely any snow at all. It's great!

Kaiser Insurance

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Headed Home

I got a call from my parents this morning and they were headed back north. It sounds like they had a great time in Texas which is good. They were looking forward to getting Zoe tomorrow. She's very excited to see them too. We've been talking a lot about them to her so that she knows they are coming soon to get her. She wags her tail and runs to the window. She's so cute. Anyways, sounds like they had a great time and I'm excited to hear more about their trip tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Are you a romantic?

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I am really getting excited for Summer to come. All of this nice weather is getting me very anxious! Summer will be so much fun, because Scott and I now live much closer to family. Scott won't be as busy during the summer, and we will be able to do so many fun things! We'll go to the lake, visit family, go on walks...we'll be able to enjoy the beautiful weather and each other.:) I'm so excited!

Make Money Online

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Computer is so slow

I'm trying to do some blogging and posting this evening and am having a very hard time getting anything done because this laptop is SOOO slow! It isn't making it very easy to get the good opportunities and is making me relogin to everything that's open for some reason. I'm gonna have to have my husband look at it because it's really beginning to frustrate me.

Online Savings Accounts

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I'm really looking forward to this weekend! My parents get to come up and visit, and they're brining my little brother Jacob. He has never been to our place, so I'm really anxious for him to come and check it out. I think he'll like it, especially the space that we have no compared to what we had in our old apartment. He'll also enjoy seeing Zoe, who is staying with us until they come back. I think Scott's anxious for them to come up to check out all the work that's been done in our basement! He's pretty proud of his paint job, and all the work that's been done since they saw it last.

Having fun

I heard from my mom again today through e-mail and it sounds like they're still having a great time in Texas. I'm sure that they're enjoying the weather there, as it is very, very warm compared to what it is here. It's going to be a shock when them head back home....going from temps in the 80's, to temps in the 30's and 40's! I can tell Zoe's looking forward to them coming back...we talk about mom and dad often and her little ears perk up right away. She's very comfortable here at our place, but misses her mommy and daddy.:)

Endowment Express

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Feeling good...

It's been nice because I've been able to get quite a bit done today! I've been able to get a lot of the cleaning done around the house and other things that needed to get done. Lately I've had some days where I'm not feeling the best, so it's been difficult to get everything done that I need to. Today has been a good day though. Even though I have gotten quite a bit done, it's crazy how fast the days go. I know that I say this a lot, but I always thought that once I wasn't working, my days would go slowly and I could get so much done. Even though I'm not working, the days still fly by!

Dream Date

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Another beautiful day!

Wow! It's another beautiful day!! I can't believe how nice it's been lately. The snow is definitely starting to melt, but it's causing quite a bit of mud and sloppiness on the roads and driveway. Zoe is absolutely loving being outside, but when she does go out, I make sure her little socks are on still. If it was nicer and not so sloppy, I would take her on a walk! She loves walks!! Maybe when she comes to visit in the summer time.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monex Deposit Company

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Getting closer...

Our house is getting closer to being finished. After last week, the carpenters really got a lot done! All of the painting is done, all of the trim, the bathroom is almost taken care of, all of the closets are put in, and the storm doors were put in as well. The only things that are really left is the carpet in the basement, the kitchen, and the new driveway! Things are really starting to come along and it's so exciting!

Excited to get away

I'm really excited to get away for the weekend, in the upcoming month. My hubby and I decided that we'd get away for the weekend before his busy season starts. It will be so nice just to relax with one another, eat out and probably go shopping! We don't go away a lot, so even though we're not going far, we're still very excited! It should be a good time.:)

Reef Flip Flops

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Reality TV

I am kind of a sucker for reality television lately, maybe because that's primarily what you can find on every channel after 7:00 at night. It just always catches my interest and I can't help but wait for the next week to watch all of my shows to see what happens next. I think that the thing I like most is that the stories are real. It's easier to relate to and I think that's what makes it way more interesting. I'm excited because today is monday, so it's the start of a new week and new reality television episodes! :)

Rainbow Flip Flops

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Today has gone so fast

I can't believe how quickly today has gone! I haven't been feeling the best, so I stayed in bed a little bit longer this morning. Maybe that's why the day seems to have flown by!? Anyways, I then did some cleaning, made lunch for Zoe and I and did some bills. It really was a busy day, and went by quickly, but that's ok! That means that my hubby will be home soon! :)

Hot Tubs and Saunas

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Down in Texas

I talked with my parents today, and it sounds like they're having a great time in Texas with my brother and his wife! They're getting to relax and enjoy the nice weather down there. It's in the 80's, which is SOOO much warmer than it has been here. They're also getting to do some site seeing and other fun things while they're down there. I'm glad that they're having a great vacation, they deserve it!:)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Brilliant Diamonds

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Beautiful Day!

It's such a beautiful day! I can't believe how sunny and nice it is outside. Maybe spring really is on it's way?!? I'm pretty jealous though, my parents are going down to texas and I guess it's much, much warmer there. I guess I should be happy though, temps in the 30's and 40's is pretty warm for the Midwest in March. :) I'm looking forward to spending sometime out and about on this beautiful day. Zoe is really loving it too! Since we have been up, she's asked to go out three times already. She just goes out side and sits on the steps enjoying the weather.

Rehabilitation Referral Site

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Things to do...

Most weekends we have things to do and are pretty busy. This weekend is like any other. We have lots of errands to run, haircuts to get, and family to visit. It's actually nice being busy on the weekends. During the rest of the week, I'm pretty much at home doing things in the house. So I like to get out once in a while, especially if it means I get to spend time with my hubby! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

RC Trucks

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This is great

I keep thinking that I'm gonna get up and go make supper, and then I continue to find more and more posts that I can do. It's so nice being able to make this extra money, I guess supper will just have to wait.:) I kind of wish that they would spread them out throughout the day, but I guess I can't complain, I like getting these posts whenever they're available.

Christian Singles

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Almost the weekend

I can't believe that it's almost the weekend already. I thought that now that I'm not working, weeks would slow down, but they really don't. They still fly by! I guess I don't mind though, because when the weekend comes, I know that I'll have my hubby home to spend time with me....I look forward to that every week!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Women's Website

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Naps are good!

I really love the fact that now that I am not working, I get to take a nap during the day. I usually can't get back to sleep after Scott goes to work, so I get up pretty early. But then, early afternoon I begin to get tired and can take a nice nap! I find that being home I'm better able to take care of myself and feel better for the most part. I really love being a stay at home wifey!:)

Contact Lens Solution Recall

I recently found out some very interesting news that all contact lens wearers may want to hear. This week, Bausch & Lomb recalled over 1 million bottles, 12 lots, of the contact lens solution, ReNu MultiPlus! If you use this product, please read on, as the health of your eyes may depend on it. There weren't any reports of serious effects from the ReNU MultiPlus lens cleaner, but due to the elevated amount of trace iron in this batch, they are concerned for the health and safety of their consumers, and want to recall all of them and offer a free replacement. Check out this site today to learn more about the ReNu Contact Lens Solution Recall issue and how it is being resolved. This is a paid post.

Where's Spring?

Although it's not snowing out like it has been the past couple of weeks, it's still very cold. I went to the bank today and was freezing! I am just wondering when spring will be here?!? I am very anxious for the warmer weather, so that I can enjoy being outdoors more, maybe even go on some walks with my hubby! I guess I'm just tired of being cooped up in the house and dreading going outside in the bitter cold. Hurry up spring!

Digital Photo Frames

I came across a really neat site that I wanted to share with all of you. is the site, and they specialize in digital photo frames and wireless baby monitors. These products are absolutely amazing! I've never seen anything like it before. The first thing that really caught my attention was the digital photo frames because I love pictures and have them everywhere around my home. The only problem I have run into with the busyness of life, is that I don't always have time to run to the store to get all of my pictures off my disk and printed out. Now this won't be a problem with a digital photo frame. All I have to do now is stick my memory card into the frame and use the remote control to choose how I want my slide show to go. Another item that I thought was really cool was the variety of baby monitors that can be purchased. They actually have a baby video monitor which allows you to keep an eye on your little one, while having the wireless Baby monitor at your side. The way it works is there's a toy with a camera in it. You leave this in the room where your child is and it captures everything on the monitor. How cool is that?!? I don't have children yet, but when I do this will definitely be something that we'll have to look into! Check this site out today and experience the world of LCD photo frames and baby monitors.

Looking Good

I'm excited because our basement is really looking nice! The construction guys are getting the new windows put in, new trim and doors and so much more! It's really making a HUGE difference in the appearance of the house! I am really excited for it all to be done. Hopefully within the next month or so.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dating Site

If you are a single mom or dad, there is now a dating site just for you. While Single Parenting , it can be difficult to find time to find a perfect match. Now it's easy and convenient, done from the comfort of your own home. In fact, joining is very fast and free, giving you access to thousands of profiles within minutes! If you are a single mom or dad, don't wait any longer, check this site out today!

Not too sunny

It's not quite as sunny out as it has been over the past few days. Although, I'd much rather take a cloudy day, over a blizzard!! I guess I can't complain. I just wish that the temps would get up there in the 40's and 50's, that way I know that spring is for sure coming. I like spring a lot more than winter, it's much warmer and everything begins to bloom and grow. The only thing about spring that I'm not fond of, is the wet weather! It rains a lot, but then shortly after that summer is here and we can enjoy the beautiful weather and environment around us!

Easy to Book Hotels

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It's really exciting because we have the construction workers working on the finishing touches on our home. We're very excited to have our basement all finished!! Hopefully it will be done before we know it. At that point we'll feel much more settled. Then we can send pics to everyone who's been wanting to see where we live too. :)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Kerosene Heaters

In browsing the web, I came across a website that I wanted to share with everyone is a site that offers a number of different types of heaters. One of these types are kerosene heaters. I know that my Grandpa used to have kerosene heaters that he would sell in his gas station, and he would also use them in his shop. This was the best way to ensure that he would stay warm while working in the bitter cold during the winter time. I know that this is something that my husband would really like to have at his place of work as well for the same reason. He's working outside and in shops a lot, and it would be nice for him to have one of the portable kerosene heaters offered on this site. Maybe I'll surprise him with one sometime. Check it out if you're interested in learning more about the various heaters this site offers. This is a paid post.

Poor Puppy

We're watching my parents dog for a couple more weeks and I feel so bad for her. Sometimes she gets sores on her tummy and it absolutely makes her miserable! My parents are sending us some her medicine that they put on her sores, but for the time being, we've been using an anti-itch cream that we have here. I just feel so bad for her because she's been crying about it a lot and biting at it. Poor Puppy.

Space Heaters

As my husband and I recently moved into a house, we find that it's much harder to heat than an apartment. We are constantly cold, no matter how high we have the thermostat set. Winters in the midwest can be brutally cold, and that's why I'm very interested in finding a space heater to purchase for our main living room. In looking online, I came across a great website,, which sells a variety of space heaters. Not only do they offer a number of kinds of space heaters to suit your specific needs, they also offer them at various prices to help fit your budget as well. If you are like me, and get cold during these winter months, warm up with a new space heater from! This is a paid post.

New ways to make money

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Secured Home Loans

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Today I have a lot to do around the house, but am feeling a little bit under the weather. I'm trying to make sure that I take it easy, while still trying to get some cleaning and other things done. Hopefully as the day goes on I will begin to feel better. Sometimes when I don't feel the best, a nap helps. Maybe that what Zoe and I will do later today.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

San Francisco Flower Delivery

Often times when I browse the web, I come across new sites and companies that I am interested in learning more about. Recently I came across a site, Digital Flowers. I love to get flowers, and give them as well, so I was very interested in learning more. In looking into them I found that they were the #1 flower delivery site out there, as well as being a great San Francisco flower shop They have bouquets and other gifts that they deliver nationwide! That's right, they can deliver somewhere near you!! They now only delivery beautiful flowers, but also products like chocolates, balloons, teddy bears, and much more. If you are like me, and loves the thought of sending someone a gift or flowers, check out Digital Flowers.


Sunday's are one of my favorite days. We get to go to church, usually see some family, and then get to come home and relax some. It's so nice too, because Scott's home with me and I always like to spend time with him. :) Today we got to go out to eat with Scott's dad and spend a little time with his mom and her husband. Yesterday we got to see my parents, as they were up here doing some shopping and seeing their puppy. It's so nice living closer because we get to see our families a lot more often. Life is good! :)

Digital Flowers

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Our Windows

Well, we're happy to finally have mini blinds for our living room windows. We didn't have any and I wasn't liking that, especially at night. I didn't like that everyone could see in so well with us having so many windows in that room. We had to go to Home Dept and get them customized for our windows, but it was worth it...I really like it a lot!

Seattle Flower Delivery

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

ProBlogger Live - Make money with your blog!

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Los Angeles Flower Delivery

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