Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going to the County Fair

Guest written by our friend Hipolito Hickman

I love going to the county fair. I have been going to the county fair since I was a little boy. I remember being little and having the time of my life riding the ponies and eating the cotton candy. Now I take my kids and watch them have fun. I still love to play the games. Me and my children love to take turns trying to win the prizes.

The food is just as good as ever. My favorite county fair food are the elephant ears. They are just delicious and I get anxious every year when it's time for the county fair. My kids love the funnel cakes and Italian sausage sandwiches. We always buy enough food for us to take home and have the next day.

The rides are fun also. The one thing we never miss the demolition derby. The cars crashing into each other is pretty fun. We get to the fair early and we leave late. After a day at the fair we come home and eat some more of that good county fair food and watch our satellite television from The only bad thing about the county fair is it only comes around once a year.

" I have been paid for this guest post. "

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