Monday, November 8, 2010

The Blair Chuck tornado

Guest post written by Brooke Smith

There's something that any good drama TV show needs, well drama. But there's something that only a great drama TV show has, a couple that's kind of evil and stirs up trouble but not quite enough to where you hate them for it. That's why I love Gossip Girl, because for a great part of the show so far they've been stirring up all kinds of trouble and making it even better.

A few days ago when I was on the internet with my CLEAR internet Wimax I got to thinking about them when I was buying some DVDs of old seasons of Gossip Girl and realized that even though they've started trouble for a lot of different people on the show, other people have started a lot of trouble for them.

For example, Chuck's uncle started all kinds of trouble for teh couple last season and also compromised the ownership of Chuck's hotel empire. Even though they may not be in a perfect state right now, I'm pulling for Gossip Girl Blair and Chuck to pull through together in the end.

This was a paid guest post.

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