Thursday, November 11, 2010

Octopus Habitat Here We Come

Author: Valentine Pratt
Our family visited the aquarium this weekend. My husband and I always discuss whether or not we remembered to set the adt security alarm after we get into the car and, as a result, our youngest son has grown quite curious as to why we are so concerned about setting it. We explained that an alarm keeps people from taking our valuables.
At the aquarium, our first stop was at the new octopus habitat. It was amazing! Then we enjoyed a picnic lunch outside on the beach. The kids picked up shells and some neat rocks for their collection.
After lunch we went to the kids' area. Every month the aquarium has a new activity for the kids to enjoy. This month they were making jewelry from freshwater pearls. The kids were allowed to pick their own oyster. If there was no pearl inside, they were allowed to pick another. The kids were amazed to learn that pearls were made by oysters. They briefly discussed how they could become "kazillionaires" if they lived at the beach. But the funniest comment of all was when my son looked at his oyster being pryed open and said, "Sorry little guy. You should have set the alarm."

"I have been paid for this guest post."

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