Monday, December 13, 2010

Bulletin board for my home office

Guest post written by Kathleen Cook

I work from home, so my home office is somewhere where I spend a whole lot of my time. Because of that though, i like to keep it looking nice and put a lot of thought into when I redecorated it just a few months ago. I didn't do it all at once though, I kind of did it gradually so I'd still be able to work there during the redecorating. But there was still one thing that I needed for it, a bulletin board.

I wanted some kind of bulletin board that looked a little typical and didn't look like it should be in an office. I mean, it is my home so it should still reflect my taste, even it doesn't look like it should be in an office. While I was looking for that perfect kind of DIY bulletin board, I came across some Wilmington clear wireless internet offers that I liked the look of and after I researched them a little bit more, I changed over my internet access to it.

The DIY bulletin board that I settled on making for my home office was a nailhead bulletin board and I just finished it up last weekend.

"I have been paid for this post."

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