Friday, December 3, 2010

Audrey Meadows

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One of my all time favorite actresses is Audrey Meadows. She is best known for her role as Alice in the hit television series The Honeymooners. I absolutely love the character she plays in the show. For anyone not in the know, The Honeymooners is based on a young couple who live in an old, run down apartment. The entire series takes place in this apartment and basically showcases the hard times that the couple goes through. The plumbing leaks, the walls are falling apart, and the neighbors are loud. It's really a fantastic series and one that you rarely see today. The last time I watched the show was on my satellite television frin

The reason Audrey Meadows is such a big hit for me is because she was one of the first female liberators of her time. Keep in mind that the show was made in the 1950's, and back then women were just known for being loyal housewives. But in Alice's case, she tells her husband off in each episode when he tries to say something rude to Alice or do something without first telling her. Because of her strong willed character, you can't help but love Alice. I'm already planning on relaxing on my day off to watch some good old fashioned Honeymooners. I can't wait for the next marathon of it to come on television.

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