Friday, September 5, 2008

Turning on the heat in September!

So today is the first day that I have had to turn on our heat in the house. It's kind of depressing because that means winter is on it's way! Grrr!!! This is probably my least favorite time of year and I can't wait for warmer weather again. I don't like having to put on layers upon layers just to walk out and get the mail. Do you??? I sure hope that this is just a phase and soon we will get back some of that summer weather that we so deserve. This turning on the heat stuff in early September just isn't for me at all!!


Sandy said...

Yikes! you had to put the heat on? Bummer.

jennasue said...

Yes, only for a short time to take the chill was down in the mid 60's in our house and felt really chilly! Hopefully that will hold us off and we won't have to do that again any time soon!! :)