Sunday, September 7, 2008

First time in the nursery

In the past Scott and I have kept Kaelyn in church with us each Sunday. Now that she is getting older though, and wanting to play....we decided to try out the nursery for the first time today. She's at that age where she still doesn't understand that we sit still in church, so it's difficult keeping her in there with us. I'm glad we tried the nursery because the helpers in there said she was really happy and good. When we walked in she was sitting there playing with the toys and the other kids. What was fun about it was the smile she got on her face as we walked in the cute!! This was a new experience for she does not go to daycare or anything.


clare3 said...

That is so neat. I knew she would have fun as she is outgoing and happy. I bet she played with toys the whole time and got the biggest kick out of being with other little ones her size.

jennasue said...

Yes, she looked like she was having a blast, and was very content being in there amongst the other kids and helpers! :) I think she really liked it, and it's good for her to be around other kids some too. :)