Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Kitty in the Family

This past weekend while we were home visiting my parents, we also had the chance to hang out with my brother some. It was fun seeing him and his girlfriend, as well as seeing his little kitty again. She's grown quite a bit since the last time we saw her, and Kaelyn loved her just as much as she did the first time she saw her a few weeks ago!! She was following her everywhere! My parents dog, Zoe however did not know quite what to think. She was very good, but you could tell she was just a bit uneasy with the whole thing, especially when hissed at by Mylie.

It was really different having a kitty around, as no one in our family has ever had a kitty before. It's fun to see how she differs from having a dog. The biggest difference that I can see is how easy she is to care for. She eats when she wants, goes to the bathroom without having to be let outdoors, and is so quiet. My brother said she plays a lot on her cat trees and with her little toys, but for the most part sleeps and sleeps. She's such a cutie. Hopefully we'll get to spend more time with her again soon.

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