Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dogsitting Zoe

We have Zoe, my parent's dog, here for a few days this week...and so far it's going very well. When Kaelyn was really little, Zoe wasn't too sure about her. In fact, she often got a little jealous and didn't know how to act around her. Now however, she's less interesting and is very good with her!! Kaelyn and Zoe have been getting along perfectly!! They have even been playing together some. I enjoy watching them interact. The funny thing is...Kaelyn is always trying to call Zoe a "kitty" :), that's still something we're working on. :)

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BaileyAKA said...

"Kitty" - hehe, that's cute. Slightly more accurate than the "donkey" that my little brother used to refer to every animal as, when he was really little ;)