Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weather in Iowa: Tornadoes and Flooding

The weather lately has been anything but "normal" for a summer that we're typically used to here in the midwest! It seems Iowa, the state where I grew up and have a lot of family, has been hit incredibly hard by the storms and tornadoes!! This past weekend there was extreme flooding in many areas throughout the state, many towns of which called for evacuations of the community where people lost their homes and belongings. Other towns experienced the tornadoes that have been coming through the area lately! Tornadoes aren't a stranger here, but we sure haven't seen this many in quite some time!! There have been some very sad stories of tornadoes taking lives and tearing whole towns apart. In fact, just this morning I saw on the Today Show a clip about a tornado hitting a boy scout camp last night...killing 4 young boys! So sad...:( My heart goes out to their families and everyone who has been affected by this absurd weather this summer. I sure hope that the tornadoes and storms are past us, and we can look forward to a more normal and enjoyable summer from here on out.

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