Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are you organized?

Have you ever heard of Smead Organomics? I hadn't until just recently, but definitely was impressed and thought they were worth sharing. They are a new, and absolutely free place that wants to help you get organized! That's what caught my attention right away. I mean, who doesn't want, or need to get more organized, right?!? I know I do! So how does it work?! Well, you enter your organizing problems that you face and the solutions design will get back to you with three option that will help you out. What's great is that the three options will work with your own style. I like this, because it seems too often we are trying to organize, but it doesn't work for us personally. I also enjoyed the articles available on organizing issues...they were very informative and interesting! If you face organizational issues in your life like I do...Smead Organomics can help! get organized at Smead.com/Organomics today!

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