Thursday, June 12, 2008

Already thinking of Christmas photo cards!

Now that we have Kaelyn we've been talking about how fun it would be to take a fun family vacation sometime over these summer months. Whenever we're doing something fun like that, I also make sure to have my camera. Not only is it a great way to capture memories...but I'm the type of person who thinks ahead and really likes to find a fun picture for Christmas Photo Cards. I know it's a little early for that, but I've already been looking into, which makes it possible for me to make photo cards with family photos and write anything on the front and inside of the card.

One of the family vacations we'd like to go on with Kaelyn...I place I went as a child is Disney World. It's such a magical place and the pictures we would get with Kaelyn and all of the characters would be just incredible and great memories in the making!


lottery results said...

i'm also into those things. care to give some advice?

Alex said...

Photo cards are more important than a simple photo. I always visit at Vista Print for my own photo cards.