Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why I would LOVE an HP digital camera and photo printer!

The most important experiences in a person's life are captured on camera. Many of which are special occasions that should be displayed and shared with friends and family. The trouble is, my husband is currently a recent graduate from college and is looking for a job. I am a teacher, and he works as a cell phone salesman until he find his career. We have had so many wonderful experiences, like our wedding, honeymoon, family visits, etc that we have captured on camera. But with money being so tight as we wait on a job for him, all of our digital photos sit on our computer waiting to be printed off and displayed the way they should be. I would love to have an HP digital camera and photo printer because it would completely change the way we are able to share the important experiences we have with others. We would be able to print them off the moment we plug the camera into the printer. At some point down the road we would love to have a family, and capturing those moments with such a high quality camera would be wonderful! Pictures are the one thing that we can have forever...they give us the memories that we can carry on the rest of our lives. The quality and ease of having the HP digital camera and photo printer would allow us to do this with our families now, and our own family someday. Also, as I mentioned, I am a preschool teacher, and pictures are a huge part of what I do. I use pictures to display the things we're doing throughout the school year, they're used in gifts we make for parents, the uses are endless. As a teacher, my free time is limited, at work I am always busy, and when I'm home, I planning for the next day. I find it very hard to get pictures developed and put to use in reasonable amount of time. Having such a nice camera and a printer to print them on would be so nice for me because the amount of pictures I take in a given week and the time it would save me! It would give the parents the quality of digital photos that they can share with others, and would be much easier and less time consuming for me to be able to print them off the moment I take the they can be used in the manner they need to be. Having my own HP digital camera and photo printer would change my life in so many ways as I've mentioned. It would make my job so much easier and would allow for us to begin enjoying the memories we make through pictures that can actually be taken, printed off and shared and displayed with others. This post is sponsored by HP.

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