Friday, December 29, 2006

Sproose Up Your Search

With all of the talk lately about interactive search personalization , Wikiasari and social search, Sproose actually has a working model where the user can interact with the ranking of the search results. Sproose, the emerging leader in interactive search engines, provides peer-moderated, ranking, prioritizing and community networking for consumer use. Providing the power of social networking to rank and with its proprietary "Knowledge Rank" moderated directory technologies, Sproose users can effectively categorize and index sites, tailored for personal or group use and through collective moderation and scoring, can sort through existing sites to assemble only the most relevant results. Sproose home page ensures the privacy, interactive personalization and rating of search results are done without downloading applications. Sproose has built it's own index and now allows each user to vote a website a score from 1 ( not too good ) to 5 stars ( great). After voting, the search result will move up in the index immediaelty based upon the vote score given. The score given a site is then weighted as a group score for all users. Sproose will offer advertisers targeting to the voted sites, which is more acurate than tracking website behavior with downloaded software. Insted of using link popularity to determine ranking...sproose let's the users determine the rankings. This is a paid post.

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