Thursday, December 28, 2006

HP Postie Patrol

Being fairly new to PayPerPost, I really didn't know much about the Postie Patrol. I watched the video and I was amazed! HP and PayPerPost really do make it happen! I couldn't believe how amazing this Postie Patrol was! They went out in the freezing cold in Chicago and Robyn was given a list of things to do in a certain amount of time to try and win an amazing assortment of things from HP! She had to take pictures with a digital camera of everything she did. She did a lot of really funny things, but my favorite part was by far when she was trying to make the snow angel in the frozen snow! Hilarious! I'm not the most outgoing person, but to get to have the chance to win all of that HP gear, I'd think I'd definitely have to take the opportunity. For those of you who need a Digital Photography Review, check out HP's website, they have incredible gear. This post is sponsored by HP.

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