Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back to lesson planning!

I was sitting on my computer most of the afternoon today doing lessons and preparations for this school week. Christmas is nearing, and I still have lots of things that I need to get done with my preschoolers before the break. As I'm sitting here doing my planning, I decided to check my mail. I had a forward in their from my mom and I thought I'd take a look. It was sort of like an online game. The e-mail said that it was addicting, but I had NO idea until I got started! haha!! I know it sounds funny...but oh my gosh...I think I continued to play this interactive online game for about a half hour! That's a long time when I have so many other things to get done. Although it did take some of my time away from planning, it was a nice break from working and a lot of fun!! :)

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