Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vehicle Storage

Now that Jake is here I finally get to see his new car!! It's a BMW and is so nice!! He takes really good care of his cars, so I know this one will probably stay in great condition as long as he owns it. It's very cute, and a great red color. It would be a good family car I think too. I wish it weren't so cold out, as I would stay outside longer to check it out more. Scott actually pulled one of our cars out of the garage so he could park his in there. He isn't too happy about driving it in all the snow and dirt. It handles well, but he doesn't want it to get dirty. I think he's looking into vehicle storage. He's wanting something that will allow him to keep his car as nice as possible. I don't blame him. There are many things to know about vehicle storage and many benefits to doing it. It's great for people here in the midwest.

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