Thursday, January 22, 2009

eBay Drama

Do you ever use eBay?? We do every once in a while, and thankfully we typically we do not have any problems. It's too bad that there are a few people out there though that really do ruin it for everyone. This week we've had two bad experiences. The first is an item we ordered for my mom. It was ordered over two weeks ago and the person was contacted twice. They finally got back with us and were very rude in their comments. The second instance was something we were selling. Two days after having one it, and one day after having paid it...the guy puts a hold on the payment until I prove that it has been shipped. Duh! Obviously people do not think...not only am I not going to ship it out with a hold on the payment...but why would he think it would even be shipped out one day after having been paid. It's a bit frustrating!

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