Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Holodomor Truth

I always enjoy browsing the web and finding interesting sites and blogs to read. How about you? I especially like it when it's a website offering information that's new and interesting to me. Today I found that in the holodomor Truth site. I enjoy learning things about history and what people think of it. This site focuses on the great famine of the Soviet Union and questioning whether or not it was a just that, or a genocide. Many think that it was an attempt to destroy the Ukranian nation, however it has been found that it was not a genocide, rather a terrible famine that took many lives.

I found all the information this site had to offer to be very interesting. I also enjoyed it's user friendly layout. It's well written and easy for anyone to understand and learn from. It's simple in appearance and not loaded with unnecessary ads and other things that would take away from the content. Anyone would appreciate a site such as this and I strongly would urge you to head over there and check it out for yourself. It's at You won't be sorry you did! I'm sure of it.

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