Friday, January 9, 2009


Yeah, it's FRIDAY!!! It's been quite the week getting everything in order here at home after having been gone a week over the holidays, and then nursing Kaelyn back to health. I'm happy to say that starting yesterday she seemed to be completely back to her old self i think this flu/cold and teething thing is finally behind us!! She's up playing, walking around and jabbering away as always! Thank the Lord!! :) It's good to see her up and about, as it was a rough past couple of weeks for her.

Of course Fridays are also great because that means Scott is done with the work week and will be able to spend the weekend with us girls!! Kaelyn and I always look forward to that! I'm not sure what our plans consist of this weekend...probably every day things around the house...but we may also head up to the cities one afternoon as we have some gift cards from Christmas that we'd like to use. Any excuse to go shopping is always welcomed. :) Whatever we do I know it will be great because we'll be able to spend it as a family. That's my idea of a terrific weekend!!

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