Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pickard Properties No. 1

It's every landlord's dream to do their job well and be recognized for it!! This is exactly what happened to the student landlord in Leeds, UK. Through a Leeds University Union Survey, students voted, Pickard did very well when it came to being a great landlord. After working for many years this was quite special. Pickard not only wants to give their student tenants benefits, but also wants to do something for the environment. That's why they are going to offer rents that are inclusive of bills but the difference between them and other landlords is that they are going green by using 100% renewable energy resource for utilities so both students and the environment benefit. I thought this was wonderful! They also ensure that students understand what a good property is by keeping up the properties they let. Other student accommodation in leeds include things like burgler alarms, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, gas central heating, washing machines, microwaves, furniture, and more!! What a nice lifestyle it would be to live in a property like this! Check it out on their site if you'd like to learn more.

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