Monday, December 1, 2008

Charter's Deals!

Banner__bf08_300x250_google Scott and I recently signed up with Charter to get their bundle package. I wish I would have known about the online deal they have going on right now though! Wow! If you visit here, you'll find that you can buy their Ultimate Bundle and other Charter Services that are sold separately like Charter High-Speed Internet, Charter Digital Home, and Telephone. If you buy something like Charter's Ultimate Bundle you will get a 250 dollar gift card. I thought this was an amazing deal. If you think that's great, you'll think the following is outstanding! Once you purchase one of their services, you will be sent your gift card AND will automatically be entered to win one of the 45 X-Box 360 Game Consoles!! This is probably the best online deal I've seen or heard of. So what are their deals? can get the Charter Communications Ultimate Service Bundle for only $165.97. This includes the high speed internet, Tv with Digital Home, Charter HD, and so much more, and also a phone with unlimited calling. If you'd like the absolute best black friday deal when it comes to bundled services, this is it! You'll find the best prices, a free gift card, and a chance to win an x-box. Learn more on their site today!


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