Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Do you have a wish??

Have you been to yet? If not, you should really check it out. I happened to come across their site and did the Sit on Santas Lap Experience. It was very entertaining and fun!! To participate you must be 18 years old, submit a photo of yourself and be a resident of the US. I decided to upload a picture of myself from last Christmas. It was the only picture I had of just me. I then had the opportunity to "tell" santa what I would like for Christmas. If you've got a wish....this is definitely a fun thing to take part in.

What's great is that I not only got a chance to participate in this fun experience, but I had the opportunity to learn more about the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame. Have you ever seen or heard of it before. It's unlike any other digital photo frame I've seen. It's unique in the fact that you can actually transfer things from phone or optional wi fi and it has an 8 inch screen. It's very attractive looking and is reasonably priced. It would make a perfect gift for Christmas!! I know I'd sure like it!!

There is a contest going on as well. Taking part in this experience you can be entered to win a cash prize. Each day of the contest 1 person will be randomly selected and will win 500 dollars each. If you'd like to learn more, check out their site today!


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