Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reading To Your Baby

Thankfully due to the couple of years that I was teaching preschool...I gathered a lot of great children's books. It really has been a nice collection to have now that we have Kaelyn. Even though she's only 8 months old....she absolutely LOVES to be read to and even enjoys turning the pages and looking at the bright and colorful pages. I would have to say her favorites are probably Brown Bear and Five Little Monkeys! It's so fun to watch her as she learns new things every day. I know reading is so important and that's why it's something we do each and every day!

She actually loves books so much, that I've considered getting her some of those personalized Children's books from Personalizedstories.com. They have a wealth of products available and their site is super easy to use! If you'd like to learn more about books like this...ones that will get your kids involved, check out their site today!

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Anonymous said...

You might like to check out Bayard's range of children's books.

In this month's issues StoryBox has Helen Oxenbury guest illustrating, DiscoveryBox has an Olympics Special and there are also some great Rainy Day Activities!

My kids seem to really be getting on with them well. The Storybox books are really good for youngones!

Thanks again for the great article!