Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Baby Sleep Schedules

Kaelyn has set into quite the nice routine. When she was first born she was a great sleeper...only waking up once to feed for the first couple of weeks...then sleeping through the night after that. However, I remember thinking "is she ever going to go to bed earlier than 11:00??" Thankfully I now know the answer was "yes". Over the past 8 months we've gradually worked our way back to an 8:00 bedtime. So far it's going great!! As she gets older she takes fewer naps during the day, which means she's more tired at night. Not only that, but she's so incredibly active, that she's about ready to drop by 7:30. This works out perfectly...because it gives Scott and I the chance to spend some time together and get things done around the house before we go to bed. She sleep until 7:00 am...which is great!! Two, two hour naps during the day and 11 hours at night....I can't complain about that one bit!! She's such a good little girl.....

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