Monday, May 5, 2008

Starting Solid Foods

The process of starting solid foods with Kaelyn has been so much fun! I've enjoyed it so much!! Kaelyn knows from the moment that we sit her in the highchair that her "big girl" food is coming. She sits there patiently and waits for that first yummy bite! We started with Rice Cereal, and it seems to be going fairly well so far. I'm not sure how much she's actually eating, and how much of it is ending up on her bib, but either's a learning process for us both and going very smoothly. She gets so excited to eat and even grabs for the spoon to help put it in her mouth! She likes drinking a sip of water out of her sippy cup just as much! I wasn't sure how she'd like that, but she's done very well. We even tried giving her a little water in a cup without a lid and she did great! Last week we started sweet potatoes which she absolutely loved as well! By the end of this week we'll be starting something new...hopefully it continues to go smoothly.

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