Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Social Spark

I'm sure anyone affiliated with PayPerPost has heard about SocialSpark. What you may not have heard is that it is now LIVE!! I didn't know this until just a little bit ago, and am really excited to check it out and get started. The first thing on the list of things to do is make a profile. In creating a profile, you will add your blogs and once approved you can take the opportunities available!! So far from what I can tell, the site is really user friendly. It's easy to create a profile and get started. Any site that is as user friendly as this one makes it easy for you find whatever it is you're looking to do. Right away I found out how to get into my account, how to go to open opportunities...how to do just about everything. If I can do it...anyone can! ;) I created my profile, and also checked out other profiles as well! I really enjoyed checking out Tricia's Profile and learning more about her and her blogs. I had come across her blogs in the past and really like the way she writes and what she writes about...very interesting!

In looking this site over I definitely like how easy it is to use. However, the one drawback is that it is difficult to get your blogs accepted...or that's my experience anyways. I am going to keep trying though, as I think it will be another great opportunity to make money blogging.

This is a paid post.

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Adrian Hoe said...

Hi Jenna,

I joined Social Spark 1 or 2 months ago and I don't like it. I prefer PPP. Unlike PPP, I have to wait for an offer after taking an opportunity. I have no time to sit around the computer to wait for the offer to come through. It will be nice if I am offered immediately after I take the opportunity like in PPP. I don't know if they have already changed the rules in Social Spark or not. I will certainly welcome them to change the rules.

Furthermore, Social Spark takes longer time to load.