Friday, February 29, 2008


I was a little leery the first time I tried Gulf oysters! My mom has never been a big fan of them, she told me how much she disliked that didn't make me look forward to it very much. I'm the type of person though who enjoys trying new things, so one day I just did it!! They actually were much better than what I had expected them to be. They are very hard to explain...though they do have a different texture. I really enjoyed eating them and look forward to eating them again soon! Yum!!

One thing that people need to know though, is that it's SO important not to eat raw oysters, especially if you are not of good health. It can be very dangerous and even life threatening at times. The good thing is that there's an alternative way to prepare oysters so that those even with poor health can still consume them raw. This is called the three post harvest processes. These processes include individually freezing the oysters, low heat pasteurization or heat-cool pasteurization, and high pressurization.

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