Friday, April 24, 2009

Hugs and Kisses

Kaelyn's hugs and kisses are the best! Today I had a terrible I'm pretty sure has been brought on from the stress of all this house stuff. I was pretty miserable, and after taking something in hopes that it would help cease the pain, I decided to lay on the couch while she was playing on the floor. Typically I would take this time to play with her, but with my head pounding, it was much better for me to watch her while laying down for a little while. It was so cute much as I expected her to continue playing with her toys...the instant she saw me lay down on the was almost as if she knew I wasn't feeling well because she came right over, stood by me and gave me one kiss after another while smiling from ear to ear. She was even giving hugs too!! She's such a sweetie. Now, if that doesn't make someone who doesn't feel well smile, I don't know what will?!? :) I can honestly say that this brightened my day and was the beginning of feeling better.

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