Saturday, July 24, 2010

Samantha Brown, tour guide

Guest post written by Brenda Lowell

I’ve been using Samantha Brown (well, her show) to tell me where to go on vacation for years.

The spunky traveler seems so passionate and excited about where she’s going. But, if I had to go trek around the world instead of heading into the office every day, I’d probably be that excited too. She always seems so eager and open to experiencing things like the locals do, no matter how daring the customs and traditions are in comparison to those in American culture.

When I saw her episode about Barcelona, I started looking up ideas for activities immediately. I had just researched wild blue internet packages and switched my Internet service over to wildblue the week before so I watched other videos about Barcelona online and got even more excited.

My trip was great and I hit a lot of the spots that she did like La Sagrada Familia and the Gothic Quarter, along with some yummy local restaurants.

I’m kind of hoping that when she retires, the people at the Travel Channel will call me up to replace her.

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