Friday, July 16, 2010

The online gaming possibilities

Guest post written by Kimberlee Williams

My brother is so obsessed with online gaming that he’ll stay up late at night playing Xbox LIVE or other games, screaming inside jokes through his headset.

It’s pretty obnoxious while I’m home from college, especially because his computer and my bed’s headboard are along the same wall. He doesn’t realize he’s being so loud because our parents’ bedroom is upstairs and they can’t hear his yelling and jokes from that far away.

I would blame my parents for getting wild blue satellite UT so he never has any glitches or problems but I sometimes stream movies from Netflix Instant Watch on his Xbox so I also benefit. I guess that’s the burden of blue internet that I have to deal with.

I used to play a lot of video games with him but that was before he played games with other people on wildblue internet and we only had each other to talk to and taunt while competing in games like Mario Kart.

Maybe this is a habit my brother will outgrow, but as for now I’ll just try to fall asleep to my mp3 player to block it out.

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