Monday, June 21, 2010


This is a guest post by Marian Garland

One of the best shows available for children right now is " iCarly ." This show depicts the life of Carly, the main character on the program with her own television program. Carly and her best friend run their own television show. I love watching this program on direct tv with my kids, because it teaches them that great success can come with hard work.

What I also like about this program is how it teaches children to have an entrepreneurial spirit. This program inspires kids to be bold and daring. I also like this show, because as a parent, it inspires me to adapt to technology. The main characters are always using technology, like online videos and websites, to relate to the community. As a parent, I am inspired to also try to use technology in positive ways like Carly and her friends. Parents will enjoy watching this show with children for what they can also take away from the program.

Another reason this show is great for children is because it does not rush kids to grow up too fast. I think this program is great for kids ages 8-14. The show does not pressure kids to engage in bad behaviors, but rather reinforces how good it can feel to do the right thing. Overall, I highly recommend "iCarly."

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