Friday, February 6, 2009

Language Development

When we were visiting with Kaelyn's doctor at her appointment on Tuesday, she commented on how many words Kaelyn is saying. Her vocabulary has really increased, and she noticed just through observation. I'm really glad that Kaelyn is a "talker" helps us to understand what it is she's needing and wanting. For instance, today she wanted water with her she said "wawa" and I knew exactly what it was she needed. Since she was very young, Kaelyn has enjoyed "communicating". At first it was through her signing, then jabbering and hand motions, and now real words. It's fun to see all the stages she's goes through when it comes to expressing herself. I can't really pinpoint one thing that would have helped her find words so early, other than the signing thing and reading books to her. I think both of those are very important when it comes to language development.

When it comes to books, Kaelyn even enjoys grabbing a book on her own and flipping through the pages. She has one book that's really fun to read to her, and probably one of my favorites. She enjoys it, but as she gets older, she will enjoy the signifcance of it even more. It's the personalized Children's book that I received to do a review on a few months back. It's a great book full of her name in the text and illustrations. I hope one day it sparks a curiosity for reading and makes it more fun for her too.

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